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Q&A: Lucy Monroe on her Medieval Scottish werewolves March 2, 2010

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Lucy Monroe

Most readers probably know Lucy Monroe for her sexy romances. And she sure has written a lot of those. Like the Regency Langley Family Trilogy Touch Me/Tempt Me/Take Me. Or the fabulously popular The Billionaire’s Pregnant Mistress (OK — if you’re chucking at the title, go read it and then come talk to me.) And 3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys. In all — she’s published about 50 novels. Lucky for us paranormal romance fans, she’s now got a shifter series going! The first novel in her Children of the Moon Series, MOON AWAKENING, came out in 2007, and introduced us to her Medieval werewolves of Scotland.  The second book in the series — MOON CRAVING — came out last month. We asked Lucy to talk about her Scottish shifters! (Interested in her shifter books? Leave a comment below and we’ll pick a name — at random — to win a signed copy of MOON CRAVING. Here’s a bonus — I’ll post part 2 of the interview (about how Lucy writes) later in the week. Leave a comment for her there, and she’ll give away a second signed copy of MOON CRAVING.) (Update: Part 2 now posted HERE!)

Q. For newbies to your novels, tell us how you got started writing and about your first published novel?  How many books do you have published to date?
A. My first published book was the 13th novel I wrote after nine plus years of chasing my dreams with lots of sweat and tears if not blood. 🙂  THE GREEK TYCOON’S ULTIMATUM was a Harlequin Presents and I hit the publisher at just the right time (they’d gone a decade without buying new authors for the series and all of the sudden they were buying several of us).  I still write for Presents and love the stories I can do for them.  Believe it, or not, but I’ve written some of my most compelling “issues” books for Presents. If you want to read a little more about my very first sale to each of my publishers, go here: http://www.lucymonroe.com/thecall.htm My 50th release will be out in September (CLOSE QUARTERS) and I’m having a huge online party for it, btw!

Q. What inspired you to write historical paranormals?
A. Here’s the thing, I fell in love with the paranormal genre reading (Christine) Feehan and (Sherrilyn) Kenyon.  I had my first intro to werewolves by Lorie O’Clare (before Kenyon or (Angela) Knight came out with theirs) and was absolutely hooked.  I glommed the books, but there weren’t that many out at the time and a lot that were didn’t tell the kind of story I loved to read and write.  The true romance with an HEA and lots of heart-wrenching emotion.  Some did, of course, but I made up a lot of the stories in my head to keep myself entertained. LOL  Eventually, I couldn’t keep the stories only inside my head and had to take the risk of putting them on paper.  (A risk because starting a new series when you’ve already got others you need to keep up for readers is no easy task.)  I had a partially finished historical manuscript that I realized worked super as a werewolf novel and that book became MOON AWAKENING. 🙂

Q. Your Children of the Moon series is based on the Scotland Picts. How much did you know about the Picts before you started writing your series?
A. Wow, I’d always been fascinated by the disappearing peoples in history, you know?  So, when I decided the Picts lent themselves so nicely to the Chrechte’s history, I built on a basic working knowledge of them with lots of research.  The thing is, most of the nonfiction books I found, websites, etc. were based almost entirely on supposition, or very limited evidence.  That worked for me even better since I knew I could go the direction I wanted to without a bunch of historians crying foul.  (Not that I don’t get complaints – the study of history is influenced heavily by the body of thought on a particular era you are exposed to – I choose to research and write outside the box and this can lead to cries of inaccuracy, etc.)

Q. And wow — what a combo: Scottish lairds/werewolves. How do you come up with these different alpha males?  (Lachlan, Talorc, Drustan? And let me say I was with Emily on Talorc in the first book! He turned out nicely in MOON CRAVING though.)
A. Mostly my characters come dancing into my brain.  It’s my job to get to know them, but they show up talking, posturing, giving me and the heroine those steely eyed glares.  They’re not always cooperative, but they are always fun to write.  Every one of my heroes has some bit of my husband in them.  He’s the ultimate hero to me, but I’ve yet to buy him a kilt.  Would be sexy though.  Sigh…  I’m fascinated by the hero with a heart that’s hard to reach, who puts duty and honor ahead of everything and falls right on his a$$ when it comes to love!

Q. What about your heroines? (Emily, Abigail, Cait? They certainly are not shrinking violets.)

A. I’ve got this theory: you can write a super alpha hero without him coming off as the big bad jerk, if you give him a strong enough heroine to spark against.  It’s all about balance.  Some of my favorite authors write weak heroines that grow in the book, but I like to write the heroines that start of with an inner core of steel and learn to bend.  That’s not to say that all my heroines come off like Xena the Warrior Princess at first, some appear on the surface like they give in easily, but they always, always, always bring their heroes to their knees.

Q.  In MOON CRAVING, your heroine Abigail is deaf. Talk about why you chose to write about deafness.
A. I’ve been fascinated with character s that live outside the normal box of parameters for romance heroes and heroines since the beginning with my writing.  I want to write about people who face challenges only some of us ever dream of and come out strong and happy on the other side.  Abigail’s deafness was something that came to me in a dream as I was beginning Emily’s book and I knew her story would be next.

Q.  You have some nontraditional relationships (great side stories!) in MOON CRAVING. How difficult are those secondary story lines to develop?
A. In the terms of the writing?  Not at all.  In the terms of taking the risk of pulling a nontradtional element into a mainstream romance?  A little rocky.  I knew I was stepping outside the norm (again) and that could cause some backlash for me, but my publisher was supportive and I believe strongly in peopling my books with all sorts of romance, reflecting reality while maintaining the fantasy storyline.  I’ve gotten a few negative reader letters because of this inclusion, but nothing like what Suz Brockmann faced when she first included a gay main character in one of her books.  Mostly, readers have loved they guys’ story and I love them for it!

Q. What are your plans for the Children of the Moon series? (Do you know how many books you’ll write in the series? When the next book in the series will come out? What it will be about?)
A. My next COTM book will be Barr’s story and should be released February 2011  Look for the introduction of a new Chrechte race and a more complicated storyline as both my main plot and subplot are twisted with secrets, a years old murder and intrigue.  I plan an indefinite number of books in the series (but several) as I have so many stories clamoring for attention. 🙂

OK — that’s Part 1!! Remember, leave a comment for Lucy and you have a chance to win a signed copy of MOON CRAVING. And look for Part 2 of the interview about how Lucy writes. She’ll also be giving away a second signed copy of MOON CRAVING.

In the meantime, you can connect with Lucy at these sites below. She’s also on Twitter at www.twitter.com/lucymonroe.

Her site: http://lucymonroe.com
Her Children of the Moon site:
Her blog: http://www.lucymonroeblog.blogspot.com

Her fan page: http://tiny.cc/0HRGW

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1. Lisa Champ - March 3, 2010

This series sounds very interesting. I greatly enjoy historical romance, and I love shifter books, so adding them together sounds grand. I need to add these to my must read list.

Diana McCabe - March 3, 2010

I thought it was very cool that she put the two together — historical and paranormal. I like how Lucy came up with the first book in the series!

2. Lucy Monroe - March 3, 2010

Thanks, gals! It’s funny how the historical paranormal can work for some premises and not others, but sexy werewolves in kilts? Too intriguing for *me* to pass up! LOL

3. elaing8 - March 3, 2010

Sounds like a really good series.I enjoy reading anything paranormal.Love that cover too.

4. Lucy Monroe - March 3, 2010

Thanks, Elaine8! I Iove the cover too. 🙂

5. Mariska - March 3, 2010

Historical Paranormal ? Sounds Awesome.

Historical is a new genre for me, and paranormal is my favorite genre. Oh Lucy, your book sounds a winner for me 🙂

6. Lucy Monroe - March 4, 2010

Thanks, Mariska! Lots of readers are coming back to, or discovering historicals for the first time lately and it’s so cool! It’s always been a favorite genre of mine. 🙂

7. Amber S - March 9, 2010

Great interview! I love the fact that the heroine is deaf and can’t wait to read it!

8. Sonya - March 9, 2010

This is a spine tingling explosive romance that everyone should have.
I loved it and I could not put it down.

9. Lucy Monroe - March 9, 2010

Thanks, Amber!

Sonya, you rock! Man alive, thank you!!!

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11. Deborah - March 24, 2010

I like know more of abigail and Talorc they are loving. Is so romantic.

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