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Anne Rice vampire story coming to video book February 21, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in News.
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Image from Anne Rice's Web site.

The author of INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE will release a previously published short story  — THE MASTER OF RAMPLING GATE — on March 1 as a “vook,” or video book. You can find THE MASTER OF RAMPLING GATE, about a vampire living in a 400-year-old estate, on audio book and it’s still available through some book sellers as a graphic novel. (It was previously published in Redbook magazine in 1984. CLICK HERE to read a story summary.)

Here’s what Vook said about Anne Rice and the short story on its blog:

“… We can officially declare that we’re in production on a title with Anne Rice. Called The Master of Rampling Gate, our Vook will offer readers, vampire fans, lovers of Gothic fiction and everyone interested in new ways to experience stories an innovative take on Anne Rice’s classic blend of the romantic, the uncanny, and the truly frightening. The Master of Rampling Gate is a Rice short story that will probably be brand new to most readers. We’ve spent a lot of time finding the best way to address the narrative with videos and create a Vook that lets you get lost in the story and explore a variety of different takes on Rice’s world at your convenience, all in the same easy-to-use format of the Vook application.” (CLICK HERE FOR Vook blog.)

The audio book cover.

“Vook represents a very exciting combination of new technological elements, that I think is long overdo in publishing. I’m excited that ‘The Master of Rampling Gate’ is going to have new life in this form, and cannot wait to see the finished product. I’m not sure that my mind can conceive of all the possibilities of this new form. I’m learning. And it feels good.” (CLICK HERE for full story.)

Stories on the Web say her video book can be purchased through digital devices for $6.99.

CLICK HERE for Anne Rice’s Web site. (She also has a very cool Facebook page, which you find under her name. You can join easily via her Web site, too.) You can also follow her on Twitter under AnneRiceAuthor.


1. Diana McCabe - February 21, 2010

I’ve not read or listened to this but it sounds really interesting. Anyone read it? Have never tried a video book.

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