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After Diana Gabaldon series, what would you recommend next? February 4, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Book lists.
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I’ve often wondered if there’s anything else out there that’s sort of like Diana Gabaldon’s sweeping series. And then a visitor to the blog — Petra — asked the same question. What would you recommend after reading that series? What might possibly hold a small candle to the saga of Jamie and Claire?

That’s a tough one! I don’t think there is anything quite like Diana Gabaldon’s books! So I’ll post a couple of suggestions and then see what you have to say!

-Lynn Kurland’s time travel or historical series
These are light-hearted romances. Characters usually travel back in time to medieval England. (Sometimes it’s switched and the knight lands in present day USA!) But Kurland has a wicked sense of humor (where is that chocolate bar or cup of coffee in the 13 century when you need it!) and adds a little bit of romance to keep things interesting. Plus — some nifty historical details. She also has a slew of books so you might want to try STARDUST OF YESTERDAY (heroine inherits haunted castle and falls in love with ghost. Or THE MORE I SEE YOU, about woman who wishes on a star and finds herself with a 13-century knight. Web site: http://www.lynnkurland.com/reading.html

–C.C. Finlay’s Traitor to the Crown series
You want fantasy? American history tinged with some magic? Check out this well-researched trio of stories that begin with Proctor Brown — minuteman and witch. He’s got a loyalist girlfriend. But he wants to fight for the American cause and use his special talents. And he’s not the only witch fighting the American Revolution. (THE PATRIOT WITCH, A SPELL FOR THE REVOLUTION, THE DEMON REDCOAT.) Web site: http://www.ccfinlay.com/index.html

-Jack Finney on time travel
Probably the book I like the best is TIME AND AGAIN. Simon Morley, an illustrator, agrees to participate in a  secret govenment project to hypnotize himself into 1880s New York. It works and he goes back to investigate a mystery. Morely finds himself falling in love with his landlady’s daughter in the past. He also has to deal with threats both in the past and present. Finney also has a collection of short stories — ABOUT TIME — that includes  “The Third Level,” about a mysterious platform in Grand Central Station that leads into another world (well before the “Level Nine and Three-quarters” in  “Harry Potter”). And “The Coin Collector,” about alternate realities, where “a Woodrow Wilson dime” reveals that “every once in a while something from one of these worlds . . . will stray into another one.”

So what would you recommend? Let us know!


1. Diana McCabe - February 5, 2010

OK — so what series would you recommend? Or have you read any of the ones listed?

2. Samantha Decker - May 19, 2010

After Diana Gabaldon I would reccommend Sara Donati’s into the wilderness series. Nothing can be as good as Claire and Jamie’s story but these books certainly come close.

gretchen - August 26, 2011

Donati’s first book was rather “hard to get into” but if you stick with it, you will be hooked.

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