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Free Teresa D’Amario read, KMM on Twitter! Gena Showalter book, Alexandra Ivy Q&A February 3, 2010

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For folks who missed it, check out the cool freebie read from Teresa D’Amario’s “Let’s Tell a Story,” a nifty, fun tale she wrote on her recent blog tour. It’s about a Faery Prince and a SheWolf. Can the two get along? Teresa visited different blogs — including this one! — posting a chapter and asking a few questions afterward. She took reader input to shape each chapter. This was the first blog tour I’d participated in and it was really fun. And Teresa made it fun because she talked to us and encouraged us to participate. (A lot of fun people jumped in to comment, including one of my childhood buddies — the only guy? — who is talented enough that he could get into these manga books if he only had a story!!) Sooooooo — if you want to take a look and start reading a little each night, CLICK HERE for her chapters. I think at some point she has plans to re-edit it and put it on one file. (There are 14 chapters so not sure the last few are up  yet. But if you click on her CALENDAR you can get to the original blog tour and find ’em. More fun that way, no?)  Oh, how could I forget. If you liked that than check out her novels LONE WOLF and DARK SUCCESSION. Now, whose doing the next blog tour!


Finally, Karen Marie Moning is on Twitter! The author of the sizzling hot/mysterious Fever series and Highlander novels has been Tweeting/twittering since Jan. 27.  You can welcome her at www.twitter.com/KarenMMoning …. yah! (Think she’ll give us hints about the last Fever book, SHADOWFEVER, due out Dec. 28?)


Just got my advanced copy of Gena Showalter’s INTO THE DARK. Will start reading that shortly. (Release date is May) and will let you know what I think. To read my previous interview with Gena, CLICK HERE.


Alexandra Ivy, author of the Guardians of Eternity  series — BEYOND THE DARKNESS (book No. 6) comes out March 30 — has graciously agreed to a Q&A. She’s patient, too, because I should’ve sent it out a few weeks back. Working on that now. But if you’re a fan and have a question, lemme know!


Last but not least, our resident vampire book expert — Dot from N.Y. — has sent me a great one on the Chicagoland Vampires. I’ll post that next!


1. Diana McCabe - February 3, 2010

OK — what should I ask Alexandra Ivy? Who should we get to guest blog or is there another blog tour out there? Lemme know!

Thanks — Diana

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