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Freebies for folks who like romance & things that go bump in the night January 15, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Fun stuff.
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Yeah, there’s a book contest a day if you look at your Twitter feed. But here are a couple of different ways to win something free — and you can read at the same time! Have a good weekend!

Tattooed Books

Even if you aren’t into contests, check out this cool blog by a “YA book reviewing, librarian-in-training.” It looks pretty and it’s chock full good book reviews in a genre that sometimes can be overwhelming. The site’s current contest? In celebration of Rachel Vincent’s teen series SOUL SCREAMERS, Tattooed Books is dedicating the site —  Jan. 25-29 — to all things SOUL SCREAMERS. She’ll have book reviews, Soul Screamers posts and an interview with Rachel Vincent! The giveaway is a pretty nifty looking necklace. CLICK HERE to go to the blog and see it.

Download a free book at Try Harlequin!

They’re offering 16 choices — and of course there are some paranormals in there, like Michele Hauf’s KISS ME DEADLY, one of those vampire vs witches stories. CLICK HERE to scroll through their choices.

Tell a story with Teresa D’Amario

This is totally fun — even if you don’t win a prize at the end of her blog tour! Teresa D’Amario, author of LONE WOLF,  is stopping at various blogs (she was here last week!) and gives readers a chapter in her online story about a Fae prince and a feisty shewolf. You read her story, answer a few questions/give suggestions about where the story should go, and Teresa works like a crazy woman to get her next chapter up on the next blog! She tries to use the reader comments to shape the direction of the story. CLICK HERE to read previous chapters. Saturday (Jan. 16) you can read the latest chapter at Naughty Editions Review HERE. To find out where her blog tour stops next CLICK HERE.


1. Diana McCabe - January 16, 2010

Looking for fun and easy contests! Holler if you see any. (Hey — need something to get through the upcoming rainy week here in SoCal. We’re supposed to get hit pretty hard — for us!)


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