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Book pick: The Casa Dracula Series! January 6, 2010

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So what have you read so far in 2010? Our vampire expert Dot has another series pick just in case you can’t decide where to start! Also coming to the blog shortly: A post that looks at an unusual Web site from Australia that caters to (yah!) the paranormal romance reader in all of us. And I’ve been just hanging onto the Gena Showalter interview in my blog hopper until after the holidays so I will get that one posted. (Gena is totally funny and if you’ve read her books, ya know what I mean!) But now — onto Dot’s review. (Thanks Dot!)


The snow is falling here and it is freezing cold,  but I don’t have cabin fever because I’ve had this hilarious series — CASA DRACULA by MARTA ACOSTA — to brighten my mood.  Laughter does keep you warm all over.

The heroine of the series is Milagro De Los Santos, a graduate of Fancy University (F.U.) who wants to be a writer in the worst way, which is the way most things go for Milagro.  She is accidentally bitten by a vampire, and he takes her to his family home to see just how much she is affected by that bite.  There is romance and lots of action as Milagro tries to figure out what is going on.

This is one funny, plucky, intelligent heroine who manages to stumble into one problem after another.  I won’t give away any spoilers since it is just delightful to see Milagro’s story unfold over the three books.  Do start with the first book so you don’t miss a minute of the fun, the angst, the romance, the cocktails with Edna, the sex and the surprises.  These are smart, funny books as opposed to those dreadful try-to-be-funny books.  Your cheeks will hurt from all the smiling.  Happy New Year!

Here are the books of the Casa Dracula Series by Marta Acosta (A light vampire paranormal romance!)

1.  Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
2.  Midnight Brunch
3.  The Bride of Casa Dracula

Coming October 2010: Casa Dracula book No. 4!


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