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Guest author post & possible prize from Teresa D’Amario! January 3, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors, Fun stuff, Releases.
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To kick off 2010, I’ve got Teresa D’Amario with a special post for us as part of her blog tour to talk about her new book, LONE WOLF. This is also your chance to help her shape a story! Teresa needs you to answer questions at the end of her short story (posted below) to decide where the story goes next! Yup — it’s up to you! There are some fab prizes to win so read through her guest post! Happy New Year! — Diana

By Teresa D’Amario
EBook: AllRomanceEbooks

Once the victim of scientific experimentation by the Government Control of Supernatural Activities (GSA), Damon doesn’t have a past, and he isn’t sure he has a future. He doesn’t even know if his ability to change from human to wolf is a virus, or magick. But the instant he lays eyes on the pretty cop from the local police force, he knows he has to learn the secrets of his past before they destroy her future.

Krystal is the best animal cop on the police force, hiding magickal talent beneath layers of excuses and quick thinking. For five years she’s tracked Peter Burke, a butcher who steals any form of canine to supplement his dietary needs. The day she saves a wolf from losing his head at the sharp end of an axe, her entire life changes. And then there is Damon, the mysterious, sexy ex-soldier with no memory of his past who awakens fantasies of dark and sensual nights.

But the GSA isn’t finished with Damon, and when the shadowy government agency joins forces with Burke, Krystal too finds her life in jeopardy, the target of men and women led by their own desires. Damon and Krystal must work together to stop evil and destroy years of illegal research.

Hi Diana! Thanks so much for hosting today’s part in the Blog Tour. I hope everyone following our little tour had a great Christmas and New Year’s celebration! Nothing is better than spending time with family and friends.

For those just joining us, for my blog tour, I’m creating something very special. A free read. And you get to help! Each blog posting will be a new scene or chapter of the book titled above, He’s no Faery Prince. Previous chapters can be found on my FREE READS page of my blog. Then, at the end of my post for today, you’ll see some questions. They are designed to make life easier for me (or much more fun, at least) because the answers to those questions will determine the course of the story. Also, if you happen to think of something really awesome to add, not addressed by my questions, feel free to throw that in there too. I’ll be sure to take a look at it.

Before Christmas I asked several fun questions. One was What does Ted REALLY look like. Oh my the awesome suggestions! It was a tough call, but I think this is my favorite. You can just feel the steam coming off this dude. I wish I could find the original site for this guy. Bet he’s got some awesome photos he’s modeled for.

And now, it’s time to continue the story.

Ted tossed the pen on his desk. He’d called each of his contacts with the military, checking on Damon, only to find he’d been “loaned” to the GSA prior to being medically discharged from the Army. Curious, he’d asked what was the reason for the medical, only to discover those records were classified. He needed to find an “in” with the GSA and fast. If he didn’t, the council would snatch his ass back to the Fae court faster than he could sprinkle magic dust on his pointy ears. One thing he didn’t want to do, was go back without Tamed, his best friend and body guard.

The trill of the phone echoed in his lonely office. He snatched it wishing, not for the first time, the sounds in this human world weren’t quite so sharp and edgy. After all, a Fae’s ears are sensitive. “Noble,” he grumbled into the phone.

“There’s a woman here to see you. Sasha Connell?”

“Be right there.” He slammed the receiver down and was out of his seat in seconds. The woman was key. If he could get her to work with him, he would find the Phouka Tamed had come in search of, and that could lead him to his friend. The shape shifting Fae had made an enemy of the GSA and Tamed had been determined to rescue the man. Now both had disappeared.

Sasha stood on the other side of the front desk, staring at the Most Wanted posters. She was as beautiful as he remembered. Now wasn’t the time to let his own desires get in the way. A shame, really, because shifters were known to be very hot in bed, and he had no doubt this woman was a wolf shifter. He walked around and took her arm.

“Let’s talk over lunch.”

She jerked her arm from him and took a step back. “I’m not hungry,” she growled.

Ted fought a smile. Not for food, at least.

One reason the Fae were so feared in the paranormal community was their innate ability to identify pheromones, even faster than shifters. They could detect any mood changes and any underlying fears when all else was hidden. And this little lady was hiding her emotions physically well. Her pheromones told a different story.

“But I am. Come. There’s a small diner down the road. I have information for you, as well as a few questions.”

She remained quiet on the walk, and he wondered what she was thinking. He hoped it was about him. The scent of her arousal called to him more powerfully than the sparkle of diamonds. And diamonds were a true Fae weakness. It was the only earthly trinket he kept in his coffers.

Inside the diner, he held her chair for her. She glared at him as she dropped into it, but he smiled. When they ordered, she chose coffee. He couldn’t help himself. He ordered her a big slice of apple pie.

“I said, I’m not hungry.”

He shrugged. “And I find I want to feed you.” He glanced over her body, enjoying the subtle curves. “It won’t hurt you.”

The waitress dropped the pie and coffee before each of them, and before she left, she gave Ted the once over. He sensed her casual desire and flashed her a brilliant smile.

Sasha snarled at the woman until she turned away. “I thought you said you had questions for me. It’s been two days and not a word from you. I want answers.”

He grinned. Jealous. He liked that. He wondered if she even noticed what she did.

Clearing his throat, he dived in. “I checked on Damon’s military records. It appears he transferred from the Airborne unit he’d been with, to the GSA. Have you heard of it?”

She frowned, creating the perfect little dimple between her eyes. For the moment he forgot what he was talking about, instead, staring at the perfection of her face. The soft, gentle curve of her cheek and the life glittering in her brown eyes grabbed his attention.

“Stop staring,” She growled. “Did you even hear what I said?”

He mentally shook himself. Damn it. This was why the Fae didn’t mix well with humans. He couldn’t seem to carry a conversation without phasing out. Time just didn’t work the same on the earth plane as it did in the Fae plane. He couldn’t afford to stare at this beautiful piece of art another moment.

“No, sorry, I was distracted.”

She cut him a sharp look before continuing. “I said, I hadn’t heard of it.”

He forced himself back into the conversation. “The GSA usually stands for the Government Services Agency, a supply agency. But I don’t think that’s what Damon was transferred to.” He held her gaze with his eyes. “I think it’s the Government Control of Supernatural Abilities.”

He waited, wondering if she would spill her secret so he could better find her brother.

Her lids dropped, shielding her eyes from his gaze. Her fingers tightened on her coffee cup. “What makes you think that?”

“Damon wasn’t the supply type. And rumor mill says there’s another organization, hiding under the same acronym, in the hopes nobody will notice.” When she didn’t reply, he continued. “They claim to be an agency designed to monitor and assist anyone who suddenly develops a talent they can’t control. But that’s not their primary goal. Instead, they take captive any person they believe has special talents. Does Damon have any special talents?”

He already knew the answer, but he had to get her to acknowledge, so they could get on the same page.

Her eyes narrowed and she glanced around the room, scanning for hidden dangers. At last she focused on him, staring with such intent, he almost squirmed in his chair. Almost. Fae Princes don’t squirm. Instead, he stared back.

“He’s a shapeshifter.”

Time for the questions:

  1. Sasha has just revealed what she believes to be a surprise bombshell. How will Ted respond?
    1. Pretend he’s never heard of shifters and ask her or more information.
    2. Nod, and acknowledge shifters exist, then ask her if she’s a shifter.
    3. Nod, and continue, making her realize he’s known all along.
  2. What is the next step of our investigation? And does Sasha offer to help Ted find his friend and the shifting Fae?
  3. What obstacles do you think the couple will have to overcome in the next section?
    1. An uncompromising Fae messenger who insists Ted return to his home
    2. The shifter council is outraged a Fae is among them, and insists Sasha steer clear of him and drop her investigation into her brother’s disappearance.
    3. The GSA finds out they are researching them and comes after Ted, or Sasha, or both.

Or if you have additional suggestions, feel free to add those as well in the comments section.

Now for prizes:

  • Grand Prize: A $50 gift card at the online bookstore of your choice to be announced at the end of the entire blog tour.
  • Unadvertised prizes will be given on random days. You won’t know when, but I’ll choose them and post on the blog in question once you have won!

There are two ways to enter:

  1. Leave a response on each blog I’m visiting — one entry for every blog you comment on during my blog tour. Multiple comments a day do not get you additional entries for the small giveaway, but will for the larger one.
  2. Email me at desertpetiri@aol.com with a copy of the receipt for the purchase of any Teresa D’Amario book, so long as it was purchased after 15 December. Older receipts do not count, though I’d love to know you’ve read one of the books. Five entries for every receipt. If you prefer not to share receipts, simply email me and so long as I’m satisfied, I will provide you with the credits.

So follow along, ladies and gentlemen, to help me write a short story, and to enter for the prizes!

Again, the entire blog schedule is found on my blog in the calendar, which will include links to each blog participating!

The next stop on the blog tour is with Larissa Ione on 7 January, so don’t miss it!


1. Teresa D'amario - January 3, 2010

Good Morning everyone! It’s so exciting to be here! I can’t wait to see your suggestions for the next part of the story!

2. INCiDeNT - January 4, 2010

I’d go with 3. – Nod & continue, making her realize he’s known all along. I’m thinking it’ll make for some great tension & maybe even a relief of sorts for Sascha after the initial shock.

Nxt step of the investigation: He could detect a random residue of Tamed’s pheromones if certain moods were strong enough to leave an imprint behind, like fear, etc. Or maybe through sweat.

& as for the obstacles to overcome, I’m going with 2, but Sascha should be defiant as hell. 🙂 And then they can run into trouble with the GSA.

3. Diana McCabe - January 4, 2010

Here are my answers!

1. I’d go with No. 3 — Nod and let her know he’s known all along. Keeps Sasha wondering just how much he knows and what he needs her for. Lots of possible tension with an all-knowing dude!

2. Next for the investigation: Ted gets Sasha to go under cover, and she gets herself “captured’ by the GSA. Of course — all sorts of things can go wrong with this plan!

3. Obstacles! No. 1. Just as Ted and Sasha get rolling and sort of on the same page, the Fae order him back. She is stuck. Might feel stranded. The council gets pissed off. All kinds of complications arise when Ted has to disappear!


4. Teresa D'Amario - January 4, 2010

Great suggestions. Hmm, I might like that where Ted gets ordered back. Brain is smoking now. LOL. Might take some time to get that far though. 😀

You know, I found it difficult, yet exciting at the same time, working to incorporate as many of the suggestions as I can when I go through the brainstorming/writing process. Was so much fun though, once it started working out. 😀

5. Dianne B - January 4, 2010

1. I have to agree with using #3. There are any number of ways that tension could be created with Ted knowing about shapeshifters.

2. I think that Sasha should become a undercover informant. She could find some kind of coverup or scheme the council is hiding information.

3. GSA realizes that Sasha is an informant and that she has been reporting to Ted. They make Ted disappear to get Sasha to talk about what she has told Ted. Then all kinds of things can happen from there.

6. INCiDeNT - January 4, 2010

I like your obstacles Diana!

Teresa – I can imagine that! But . . . exciting how? I figure it might be a bit overwhelming at times. 🙂

7. Teresa D'Amario - January 4, 2010

Exciting – any time a plot starts to come together, I get excited. My husband knows “Stay out of the way” because I’ll sit and type until it’s done. Then there’s the “satisfaction” of a scene well done. When it works and clicks and I feel comfortable with it. If I smoked, I’d say “Time for a cig”, but I don’t, so instead I walk around with a silly grin for about 10-20 min till I charge into the next scene.

8. D Salvagin - January 4, 2010

1. 3 will make Sasha more confident in Ted.

2. I agree that Sasha should infiltrate the GSA

3. Yup I also like Ted being yanked out of there. Sorry I can’t be more original but these are terrific suggestions by you guys.

9. Diana McCabe - January 4, 2010

Teresa — when you’re doing a blog tour like this, tell us about your deadline pressure! You’re using the reader feedback to shape the story but you don’t have a ton of turnaround time to incorporate it. How do you do it?


10. Teresa D'Amario - January 4, 2010

Hey D, thanks for joining us. I’m having a few firefox problems, so have resorted to useing Internet Explorer. Man, I hate internet explorer. LOL Anyway, don’t worry about being original. Together we can MAKE it original.

Diana, you are so right. This is probably the closest I have had to a true deadline, because of the nature of my publishers. Last night is probably the first time I ran into trouble, because I kept setting this aside, getting lost in the holidays. So when I finally did sit down to write, I didn’t feel well (think I have Strep), so it was very difficult at first.

I’m really lucky though, because I type fast. Sometimes I think authors have problems because their head gets ahead of their fingers, and it slows them down in the long run. I type about 105 WPM, so I’m usually able to keep up with my thought processes, or at least be close enough together that it makes the writing very exciting.

The hardest part in this case is I’m a pantser. I write by where the characters take me. The idea of having people give me ideas is harder for me, because I have to slide those in together. So writing it is much more difficult. Oh and add in that Ted is a Fae! OMG, who came up with that idea??? LOL Just teasing. But I’ve never written a Fae before, so we are taking me completely out of my comfort zone for this story.

But then, by stepping out of my comfort zone I am also improving my writing and plotting skills, so this is a learning experience as much as it is fun. 😀

So yes, last night, I felt the stress a bit. Turning out around 1 thousand words when not feeling well. Thank heaven for my twitter friends who didn’t let me procrastinate anymore!!

11. Scot Zellman - January 4, 2010

1.) Ted pretends he’s never heard of shifters and pumps Sasha for as much personal information he can get from her — about her brother’s abilities, perhaps her ablilities and maybe he even uses his questioning to find a way into her heart…
2.) Sasha offers to help, for her brother’s sake and because of her attraction to Ted (which is nuisance to her at this point)…
3.) The uncompromising Fae messenger, inadventently outing Ted to Sasha, insists Ted return home, he refuses and continues “on the run” with Sasha — Ted and Sasha then work out the conflicts (both supernatural and romantic) that arise between the two of them as the Shifter council, the Fae AND the GSA all join in the chase…

12. Teresa D'Amario - January 4, 2010

Hey Scot, great to see you here. Did you know, one of my books was hanging out with the ANG in Iraq, and those guys LOVED my books! (ok, I’m sure there were women in the unit as well, but the guy who told me is a friend and he only talked about the guys). Made my day to hear some men consider me their “new favorite author”. 🙂

And some great, well thought out ideas! Love them.

13. Dianne B - January 4, 2010

I feel your pain with Firefox not working. I love it but for the last few days have been having problems with it. I type a site address in the bar and hit enter and it sits there and looks at me. Damn, that is so irritating. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox several times. I refuse to become a slave to IE8.

14. Teresa D'Amario - January 4, 2010

I’ve narrowed it down to this blog, but that’s not your fault. Because it’s crashing while I type, not while something is going on somewhere in your blog. For some reason it’s not liking me to type in the message box. But, it is fixed, for now. I left it logged off for 2 hours or so.

15. Dianne B - January 4, 2010

I hope it works for you, Teresa.

16. Teresa D'Amario - January 4, 2010

well, I’m about to hit the sack, but I’ll check in tomorrow for any late comers. Thank everyone for their awesome participation in today’s blog. 😀 Your names are entered into the big drawing to be announced at the end of the tour on my website at http;//teresadamario.com/blog/

Make sure you check out thursday’s blog at Larissaione.com where you’ll see your suggestions begin to take form!

17. Diana McCabe - January 4, 2010

Thanks Teresa — I’ll do a post after Tue to direct folks to the next blog etc. so they can see how the story is shaping up.


18. INCiDeNT - January 5, 2010

Loved your answers to the Q’s Teresa! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 & I’ll definitely be around on Thursday. Love Larissa’s Demonica series!

19. Teresa D'Amario - January 5, 2010

Thanks INCiDeNT, and thanks Diana for letting me visit! It’s been loads of fun, and yeah, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Larissa’s Demons. Never thought I’d say that about Demons. LOL. She does a great job of suspending disbelief.

20. Diana McCabe - January 5, 2010

Teresa — Thanks for stopping by! I hope you received enough comments to help you with the next section. And yes — I’ll make sure to stop by the next blog!


21. Alana Abbott - January 5, 2010

The plot thickens… 🙂

I think Ted should: Nod, and continue, making her realize he’s known all along.

I don’t think Sasha offers to help find the shifting Fae — he’ll have to bargain with her for it.

As for obstacles — why not all three? I particularly like the last, however. 🙂

Thanks for keeping the story going Teresa!

22. Teresa D'Amario - January 5, 2010

Hi Alana.

LOL I was just checking the page when you jumped in. 🙂 Yep, I think him knowing all along and her figuring that out is a great conflict. Great ideas! And check on on Thursday with Larissa, where I’ll begin to incorporate the ideas!

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