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Photos: This year I’ll organize my vampire books! January 2, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Fun stuff.

I keep saying with the Kindle that I won’t have an overflow of paranormal romance books at my tiny beach condo. Trouble is — I don’t want to part with the many books I’ve got tucked into every nook and cranny of my place. And that doesn’t include all of the books I’ve been hauling around in my car! This year I resolve to straighten ’em out!

Paranormal romance books in my car ....

Paranormal romance books in my closet ....

Paranormal romance books stashed by bed ...

Paranormal romance books in boxes under my bed!


1. Diana McCabe - January 2, 2010

These are just a few of the places I’ve stashed my books. Where do you stash yours? (Plus — I have a hubby who has a ton of books!)


Lisa Champ - January 2, 2010

I left many boxes of books in IL when I moved, so they are still in storage at my mom’s. In CA, I have them overflowing my bookshelves, under my bed, in random stacks around my room and in plastic tote boxes up in the attic. Every once in a while I am able to make myself donate a few of the ones I know I’ll never read again, but I’m a bad book hoarder.

2. Diana McCabe - January 2, 2010

Yeah — I’ve got the plastic tote boxes, too. I don’t know why I want to keep ’em all!!!!! Guess I’m a pack rat at heart. But at some point — I must part with a few of ’em!!! Are you back in CA now or still on holiday?


3. Lisa Champ - January 4, 2010

I’m still in IL, and I will be here until Saturday. I am scheduled to be back to work next Monday.

I am definitely a pack rat, too. 🙂

Diana McCabe - January 4, 2010

Wow! What a great break for you. Quiet here. Working on a blog for actual work! OK — hope you check out the guest author post and answer her 3 Qs to help her move her story along! It’s fun!

Hope it’s not too cold in IL!!!!


4. D Salvagin - January 4, 2010

I have two floor to ceiling bookcases flanking the living room picture window. On the upper shelves are hardcover keepers of various genres. The lower shelves of both bookcases are behind solid doors. On the right hidden are all my keeper paranormal paperbacks and on the left hidden are my collection of pop-up books (Robert Sabuda rocks!). Now if we move into the bedroom then there are books everywhere, on the dresser, floor, nightstand, etc.Most of these are TBR’s. I do not keep all my books. I recycle paperbacks at the local paperback exchange store. I sell some at my yearly yard sale. The ones I keep are the ones I swear I will read again.

Diana McCabe - January 4, 2010

ahhhhh — one day I will have a big house with lots of book shelves! For now I own a tiny, tiny beach condo. And my hubby loves books. So it’s kind of a book space battle …. I can weed them out but been hauling a lot of books in my car for months bc I keep thinking I’ll lend to a friend or something. I know it’s dopey. I just need to donate ‘em to the library. Have done so before. I’m like you — I swear my keepers are ones I will read again! (Hey — hope you have a chance to read the guest author blog post today and comment on her 3 Qs for her next story. Be fun to see what you and Lisa say!)

I’m gonna follow her story on the next blog. It’s a nice idea … blog tour!


Petra Detwiller - February 4, 2010

Diana, thanks for keeping track of whats happening with Diana Gabaldon’s movie venture for the book Outlander. I have been waiting for 16 years for that book to be made into a movie. That book is my all time favourite book. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Are there any books you can recommend that might hold a small candle to Outlander and the rest of her series? I have given this book away as gifts many many times and people can’t say enough about it. I am sure that I have contributed generously to Gabaldon personal fortune. Wonderful witty smart writting.
Thanx Petra

Diana McCabe - February 4, 2010

Hey Petra — Thanks for dropping by the site! I’ve gotta say I’ve not run across anything like Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. She’s one of a kind because her stories include romance, history, time travel (science fiction) and such wonderful writing. What a story teller, eh? I’ve included her on my Paranormal Romance blog because I love the series so much! (Ummm — I figure I throw in time travel and romance and that’s kind of paranormal romance!)

For other series, do you like paranormal romance? If you like the shifters, vamps, the fae etc, I can post some links to a few series. I like — for example — Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series but it’s not at all like Diana Gabaldon. I also like the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire/Sookie Stackhouse series, which again is totally different from Outlander. Ummm — if you like time travel, Lynn Kurland has some fun, light-hearted stories that take her characters back or forward in time. Many of her historicals also have a dash of paranormal pop to ’em. (Here’s link to her book list Web site: http://www.lynnkurland.com/reading.html) Of course, nothing will be like Diana Gabaldon — really! But let me know. Also — if you check out the “What are you reading tab” at the top of the site and scroll down to the latest conversations, I’ve got a couple of good friends who regularly post their fave reads in this genre. (I’ll put up a post asking for No. 2 fave series after Diana Gabaldon and see what we get! It might be fun to see what folks say!)

Hope that helps! Come back and tell us what you’re reading!


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