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The inspiration behind Karen Marie Moning’s Jericho Barrons? December 22, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in News.
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In an electronic newsletter earlier this week, Karen Marie Moning revealed to fans the real-life inspiration behind her sexy “love, love to hate or hate to love” character Jericho Barrons, a mainstay of  her fab FEVER series. It’s Eric Etebari, an athlete, model and actor who is probably best known for his role as Ian Nottingham in the TV series Witchblade.

KMM says she’s “long envisioned” Etebari as Barrons from the moment she saw him on Witchblade. “Dark, sexy, dangerous, complex, Eric Etebari played Ian Nottingham to perfection, served him up on a platter of enigma wrapped around sexual combustion, tied with a bow of playfulness matched only by his ruthlessness,” she writes. She has an  interview with him on her Web site HERE.

What do you think? Is he your idea of JZB? Here’s a YouTube fan video of him playing Ian:


1. Linda Clark - December 23, 2009

Hey this is my first visit to your blog here, love it…so, I’ll be back. I get the vibe Moning was inspired by when she saw Eric in Witchblade, but in so many other pics his eyes are just too nice guy-like. LOL.

Diana McCabe - December 23, 2009

Hey — thanks for visiting!!! It’s just a fun hobby and fan blog! I would love to get a blurb from you sometime bc I love your title — Paranormal Entertainment Editor! (Now maybe if they’d made me paranormal entertainment editor instead of business editor at the OC Register — I would’ve stayed! Yes — I’m an old newspaper gal! Writing now for a university full time!!!) Have a great holiday!! (Re Eric — I agree. His eyes are a just little too nice guy!!)


2. Lorri - December 23, 2009

I think he’s pretty close to my vision of Barrons. The person that I envisioned as Barrons while reading the books is Adrian Paul. (The Highlander)

3. Diana McCabe - December 24, 2009

Was reading some message boards on Amazon and some fans thought this guy — David Gandy — fit the bill for JZB. Only problem: He’s an underwear model, so can he act? Dunno. Check him out …. does he look like JZB to you?!


(Another name: Gerard Butler — when does this dude’s name NOT come up. Fans said he’d have to wear brown contact lenses tho to cover up those fab green eyes.)

I still haven’t located my JZB. I can picture him in my mind but don’t know if there’s a real-life actor out there who looks like him!


4. ConnieLee - November 8, 2010

Eric seems to capture a lot of the traits I imagine Barrons has. He is sexy!

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