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Sookie update: Read 1st chapter of DEAD IN THE FAMILY December 21, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors, News.
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It’s up. Charlaine Harris has posted Chapter 1 of her next Sookie Stackhouse book — DEAD IN THE FAMILY — on her Web site. CLICK HERE to get to the site and then scroll down to the bottom of the second leg of type at the top of the page and you see the PDF download. Tell me what you think! (Unless you are waiting for the entire book, which is due out  May 4.) Happy reading!

If you wanna take a nifty poll, check out my gal pals’ Sookie Stackhouse site HERE and take their poll after reading the first chapter. (Scroll down the page on the left-hand side and you’ll see the poll.) They also have a podcast where they talk about all things Sookie so if you haven’t had a chance to download it and listen — give it a go. CLICK HERE to access it from their site. (You can also download it — Last Bite Podcast — on iTunes and Blog Talk Radio.)


1. D Salvagin - December 22, 2009

Diana, I can’t find this download. HELP!!

2. Diana McCabe - December 22, 2009

Hi Dot — Here’s the link to her site:


At the top, you’ll see it says Charlaine Harris. To the right, several columns. Go to the second one, and at the bottom it will say chap 1 etc. Click on that and the PDF should come up. It does for me on my macbook.

The link in the blog post should work — but you do have to navigate slightly to find it for the download. Lemme know if you’re able to get it.


3. D Salvagin - December 28, 2009

Thanks Diana, I found it thanks to you, I guess I’ll have to read the last one again, before I read this new one. I’ve forgotten most of it.

4. Diana McCabe - December 28, 2009

Hey Dot — Glad you found it. U know — I think I am missing a page in that! Page 6? But the preview chapter answers a lot of questions about how Sookie is feeling after the last book … which I actually have cracked open, too! Also — the Last Bite Podcast discusses the chapter, too. (You can access that at iTunes or from their Web site at http://www.sookiestackhouse.com …. Maria and Tamara run that site and they are super nice! They also are really into the series as well as TV show. I think they discuss it midway through their last podcast.

Hope you’re holidays have been great. And hope you have a happy new year!

And thanks for helping out so much with the blog! It’s a lot more fun!


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