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Book pick: Kathyrn Smith’s ‘Be Mine Tonight’ December 16, 2009

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I love vampire books. But I also like to hunker down with a good old-fashioned historical romance. So it’s nice to see that Dot from New York — a frequent contributor to this blog — is sending us a book pick about historical vampire romance! (Thanks Dot!) Got a fave book in this category? Let us know. Also, would love to  hear what folks are reading over the holidays! CLICK HERE to let us know what you’re reading or  leave a comment below. Now, onto Dot’s summary below!

I have been reading contemporary  vampire romance exclusively, and then I picked up Kathryn Smith’s BE MINE TONIGHT . (Don’t you just love it when you don’t have to wait for the next series book to be published?) and found historical vampire romance.  Who knew?  Not me!  But then I am fairly new to any romance genre.  I didn’t even know what I was missing until about a year and a half ago.  But now, new directions are opening up all the time.  I am now happily reading the second book in this series NIGHT OF THE HUNTRESS.

Kathryn Smith’s BE MINE TONIGHT, Brotherhood of the Blood, Book No. 1 (Vampire Romance Series). Here’s her book blurb from her Web site: In the 1300s, six soldiers went into a Templar building searching for treasure. What they found changed them forever, making them vampires – and unlike any other of their kind. The suicide of one of their own and events that followed drove them apart, but six centuries later, an ancient evil conspires to reunite them once more.

In BE MINE TONIGHT — set in 1899, right at the turn of the century — danger, action and romance abound. Prudence Ryland is ill and searching for the Holy Grail. Chapel, a vampire, is sent by the church to monitor her quest.  They ultimately find each other and a need to fight two very different evils. Chapel became a vampire when he drank from a mystical cup known as the Blood Grail, having mistaken it for the Holy Grail.  Chapel fears that instead of finding the Holy Grail what Pru will actually find is the Blood Grail and then she will become cursed — as Chapel believes he is cursed. Lots of romance mixed in with mythology, history and a great time period.

Here is the recommended reading order of this series, which follows  different couple:

  1. Be Mine Tonight (Chapel’s story)
  2. Night of the Huntress (Bishop’s story)
  3. Taken By The Night (Saint’s story)
  4. Let The Night Begin (Reign’s Story)
  5. Night After Night (Temple’s story)


1. Kathryn Smith - December 17, 2009

Hi there! So wonderful to see my series being discovered by new readers! Just wanted to say that there’s a short story as well — right between Let the Night Begin and Night After Night. It’s called ‘The Wedding Knight’ and it in the anthology Weddings From Hell from Avon Romance. It features two characters who show up in Night After Night.

2. Lisa Champ - December 17, 2009

This series sounds great. I am definitely adding it to my TBR list!

3. Diana McCabe - December 17, 2009

Thanks. Dot finds all kinds of interesting things!!!! I’ve downloaded onto my Kindle and am reading the series. Thanks for the tip on the short story! Maybe after the holidays, we could do an author Q&A. I sent you an email about that. Happy holidays!


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