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Author of ‘Fever’ novels says she didn’t write series to make more money December 12, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors.
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Photo from Karen Marie Moning Web site.

Karen Marie Moning posted a long comment on her Facebook page today that addresses what must have been some troubling reader complaints/comments about the development of her FEVER series, including drawing out the series so readers would have to pay more for the story.  She explains why she is writing the series the way she is and even alludes to her battle with Lyme Disease. For those who haven’t read the novels, they are wonderful. The series tells the story of MacKayla Lane, who  travels to Ireland to track down her sister’s murderer, but is pulled into a  world filled with ancient secrets, vampires, the Fae,  other scary creatures and the sexy, mysterious Jericho Barrons. Fans are waiting for Book No. 5 — which Moning says will be the last book in the story.  Here’s her Facebook post:

There are many reasons the Fever series wasn’t released as one long book, the least of which is how difficult it would have been to hold at 2,000 pages. It certainly wasn’t so I, or my publisher could make more money. I find it easier to write romance novels and fewer people complain 🙂 The point is: I write one book a year and I get paid for one book a year, no matter what genre I write in. Writing one romance a year not only would have made the same amount of money, it was easier and less stressful. Some say I should have deleted 1000 of those Fever 2000 pages and made it a trilogy but that’s not the story I’m telling and, in the final analysis I have to write my stories as I see them and, if I’m very blessed (as I have been with you all) I get to be surrounded by and involved with wonderful people who not only like what I write but become an amazing community unto themselves. Another reason it wasn’t published as one book is because you would have had no books from me for 5 years. I hope you would rather have had it this way.

I have the utmost appreciation, respect and love for you guys who’ve had to suffer along with Mac’s journey. I know it hasn’t been easy. When this series first came to me and I committed to it, it was before I knew I had just contracted a disease that was going to disable me. I believed I would be able to write them at the pace of two a year. I didn’t know what the future held for me (or I might have given up before it even started. Good thing we can’t see the future.) I was always thinking about the series and how it would be—after all five were out in paperback—and how much fun to gulp them down back to back for under $40.00. But…the best laid plans of mice and me…yeah, ‘nuff said.

Don’t think that I don’t appreciate what you all have suffered. I do. And don’t think I was trying to get more money for more books. I would have made the same amount of money no matter what I wrote. Besides, I’m not that kind of person. Like you, I want good health, good friends, a job I love, and the ability to pay my bills without too much stress. Ironically, I could have made more money writing a different series. This one has been the cause of many headaches. Nobody knew how to market it, sell it, brand it, and I could certainly have used my time more wisely than spending it, trying to explain over and over again what I’ve been writing.

Still, I will never regret having written Mac’s story, because along the way I’ve met all of you and become part of a cyber world of readers who are truly extraordinary, and have wowed me with their talent, made me laugh, made me feel connected in my isolation, given me hope, and made it all worthwhile.

I feel your pain as you suffer along with Mac. My heart is in Shadowfever. I think it will be all you guys hope for and more. I’m loving every single second I spend writing it. It’s intense stuff! But I bet you didn’t know that I, too, will be glad when it’s over. 🙂


1. Diana McCabe - December 12, 2009

I like this series and wonder why anyone would criticize the author about how she developed her story. It’s not like the series is going to be 10 books! And each book has been a great read. My sister and I gobbled these stories up and eagerly await the final novel. But the comments must have bugged Karen Marie Moning enough to write something. Chill out folks!


Lisa Champ - December 12, 2009

Yikes! It is sad how often people just need to find something to complain about. These are people who must enjoy the books, but to snipe to the extent that she felt the need to post something is pretty harsh.

2. Diana McCabe - December 12, 2009

She has a lot of fans who are supporting her on the Facebook post, which is good. It kind of surprised me to see her post.


3. Ro - December 12, 2009

I absolutely adore the Fever series and can’t wait to read Shadowfever…I find it incredibly rude that some people complain about the number of books in series! For every one of those there are literally hundrets who don’t want the series to end, because they simply fell in love with the story and the characters! I admire Mrs. Moning for stating (and even more for doing it LONG before the series became such a huge success) that there will be a definite number of books. Not every author has the courage to end a best-selling series and not continue with book number -teen. And there are only (ONLY!) 5 books! J.K. Rowling wrote 7 Harry Potter books, and did people accuse her of prolonging the series unnecessarily (especially even before it ended)? Do I have to mention L.K. Hamilton, Janet Evanovich or Charlaine Harris? And although I used to be a HUGE fan of the last two, I have to admit, in my honest opinion, the Fever series has now, after book #4 more integrity then either/both of their series had at that point, not mentioning later.

I only regret…that there aren’t that many other books/series so worth waiting for… I’d rather to wait much much longer to read a great installment, than waste another 4 hours reading a poorly wrtitten book… And well, isn’t the wait half of the fun? 😀

Wishing Mrs. Moning & all the FeverFans all the best (and Shadowfever ASAP),


Diana McCabe - December 12, 2009

Well said! And your point about the integrity of the series is right on. I so admire KMM for having a beginning and an ending to her series. It’s been absolutely a great read, and I don’t mind waiting for the next book either.


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