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Author would’ve kept the sex in Anita Blake TV movie December 8, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors.
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LKH in Huntington Beach.

If there had been an Anita Blake TV movie, author Laurell K. Hamilton definitely would’ve kept the sex it in it. “Anita would have kicked my ass if I didn’t,” Hamilton told a crowd of about 150 who gathered for a book signing of her latest release — DIVINE MISDEMEANORS — in Huntington Beach Tuesday night. But the deal with IFC is off (CLICK HERE to read more). And while Hamilton  wouldn’t say why, she isn’t crushed one bit. “Let’s just say I’m not unhappy about it. I’d rather have nothing made than something where I’d be saying ‘Oh My God (this isn’t done correctly).'”

Hamilton, who was dressed in black — pretty much like all her photos on her Web site — arrived about 5 minutes late to the book gig, but was generous with her time. She answered questions from the audience for about 30 minutes before settling in for a long evening of signing books and chatting with fans.

Other topics she spoke about:

Q. Does she know when she sits down to write, how her novels will end?
“Sometimes I know all of it. Sometimes I know whodunit. Sometimes I don’t know. … With FLIRT (an Anita Blake novella due out Feb. 2), two weeks after I got the idea, I was writing it.” Hamilton said with other books — like her Meredith Gentry series — it takes much longer.

Q. Are any of your books illegal in the United States?
A. The books themselves are not. But what I do in the books is. … You’d be surprised to find out what is illegal and what is not in some states. In Missouri, we voted not to have gay marriage, but it’s legal to marry a horse if it’s the opposite sex.”

Q. Will you write a young adult series with a strong heroine?
A. “I can’t behave myself for a whole book. …  My books are for grownups or for people who are old enough for them.”

Q. Will we see more of Damian in the Anita Blake series?
A. “We’re dating too many people in these books. We’ll have to winnow it down or they will have to find girlfriends.”

Q. Will Anita’s little brother show up?
A. “Not until the ardeur is cured.”

Q. Will you be writing more short stories, such as “Can He Bake a Cherry Pie” from NEVER AFTER?
A. Nothing in the works for Hamilton, who is working on BULLET, Anita Blake book No. 19, due out June 1. After that? “I’d like a break, vacation and to read someone else’s books.”


1. Diana McCabe - December 9, 2009

It was fun to see her. She sure has lots of fans. She even has her own little entourage, which includes a security dude. Anyone else go?

2. D Salvagin - December 9, 2009

If she had been local to me (NY) I would have gone too. Curiosity would have got the better of me. But I have to say I do not enjoy her books. I know she has a big fan base but I really have trouble understanding her popularity.

3. Lisa Champ - December 12, 2009

She feels the need for a security guard?!? That’s a little insane to me. Yes, she is a popular author, but good grief!

Diana McCabe - December 12, 2009

Yeah — she had a very small entourage of 2 people with her! It was kind of funny to me, given that we were in Huntington Beach. But, she does get some weirdos who come up to her based on the stuff in her books. She told us a few tales. So I guess I understand. It just looked odd to me when I saw them walking in the bookstore!


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