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Anita Blake creator Laurell K. Hamilton coming to Orange County December 5, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors.
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Laurell K. Hamilton will be in Huntington Beach  for a book signing (DIVINE MISDEMEANORS – book No. 8 in the

Laurell K. Hamilton

Meredith Gentry series)  at 7 p.m. at the Barnes & Noble on 7881 Edinger Ave. (714-897-8781). Also, check out her new Web site (CLICK HERE).  Her upcoming books:  FLIRT “an unscheduled Anita Blake novel, sort of like Micah, but a longer, and with extras,” comes out Feb. 2.  June 2010 is the regularly scheduled Anita Blake book BULLET.

I like reading LKH’s blog because she’ll write about the characters and why she created them/what she’s developing now in the  Anita Blake series. Here’s a little slice from one of her recent blog posts:

Below is a spoiler for anyone who hasn’t read past book 9, Obsidian Butterfly, in the Anita Blake series:

I had an insight today while doing my 11 pgs on Bullet. Richard Zeeman has been problamatic almost from the beginning of the Anita series. Today I had to go back and reread the first moment Anita ever saw him on the page, and I realized that Richard was created for one reason and one reason only. He was supposed to be the perfect man for Anita so she’d date, marry, and bed him, and forget about Jean-Claude and his vampire wiles. I have never created another character with such a one track purpose before, or since. No wonder I had problems with him. He was never his own person to me. I saw him only as an extension of Anita and Jean-Claude. He was a walking, talking, solution to their problem.


1. Diana McCabe - December 6, 2009

Anyone else going to this? I will probably go because this is billed as a book signing and talk — so curious what she will say and what questions folks ask her etc.

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