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BOOK PICK: ‘The Renegade Hunter’ in Lynsay Sands series doesn’t disappoint November 8, 2009

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Dot from New York sends us another delicious book pick in the vamp category. (Thanks Dot!) If you would like to guest blog, let me know by leaving a comment in any of the sections. But now onto Dot’s info!!!!
I don’t wait patiently for Lynsay Sands to write her Argeneau series.  I’m like a kid waiting for Santa every time she has a book rencoming out.  These are light hearted but with mystery or action or suspense or all three thrown into the mix.  And, of course, they all have hunky vampires with luscious names like Bastien, Etienne, Lucern and Decker to name a few.  Sands delivers in the romance and humor, too.
Title: The Renegade Hunter
Author: Lynsay Sands
Genre: Vampire Romance
Series: Argeneau/Rogue Hunter
‘The Renegade Hunter’ is book No. 11  in the Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series by Lynsay Sands.  Nicholas Argeneau is a vampire thought to be a rogue and he has been on the run for 50 years.  While tracking a decidedly evil rogue he stumbles upon his lifemate Jo Willen who has been targeted by the evil rogue.  The story follows Jo and Nicholas’ steamy, sexy romance, their efforts to hide from the evil rogue and Jo’s determination to prove Nicholas innocent of the crimes that made him a rogue.  The series is generally lighthearted and humorous, with mystery and action thrown into the pot, stirred and simmered to the delight of readers. This book is not as humorous but just as satisfying.   If you are new to the Argeneau series I suggest you start at the beginning with Lissianna Argeneau and Dr. Greg Hewitt’s story A QUICK BITE (about a female vampire who faints at the sight of blood) then get delightfully hooked on each subsequent book.  Each one telling a family member’s love story and adventure and each family member is a vampire. Take a look at www.lynsaysands.com for a complete list of the books in the series with excerpts to whet your appetite and author comments.


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