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Will someone please give me a good vampire anthology? November 7, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Reviews/summaries.
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A friend  gave me a copy of  THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRE ROMANCE 2, so I’ve been flipping through it, reading vampromancea story here and there. It’s got “25 short stories of hot blood, midnight pleasures and inhuman passions.” But so far, I haven’t found one I like! I never read the first  THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRE ROMANCE. Maybe they put all of the good stories in that one?  And I’m not totally sure why the stories in this anthology feel undeveloped and or generic because it includes such authors as Jennifer Ashley, Jennifer St. Giles, Caitlin Kittredge etc. Maybe it’s me. I’ve yet to find a really good paranormal romance anthology. (Guest blogger Dot in New York says she might check out a few anthologies and give us her picks. Also, look for her latest “book pick” at the top of the week!) I won’t spoil it the entire collection but here is a brief look at three of the stories.  (Maybe you love this collection! Let me know what stories you liked!)

THE SCOTSMAN AND THE VAMP by Jennifer Ashley: Vamp Claire Armand dumps her betrothed — Ross Maclaren — to become a silent film start. Started off kind of interesting with the vampire/silent starlet gig. But the romance is soooooo predictable because Ross is not a vampire. He was chosen to protect her and is supposed to be made into a vampire when they marry. But Claire is having none of it because in this arrangement, the vamp brides all wind up living boring/sequestered lives in Scotland. Protected. Yeah, yeah, yeah — you can figure out the rest pretty fast.

POINT OF NO RETURN by Jennifer St Giles:  Christine Webber is in love with a statue and wishes she could have met the real man. Well, she gets her wish. Aerick is a vampire and has watched Christine come to visit his likeness for years. Aerick is one of those sappy sweet vamps who is overprotective. He wants to protect Christine from the bad vamps/lycans out there yet he also wants to protect her from himself. He doesn’t want to risk tarnishing her honor or — oops — turning her into a vampire.  He’s so overprotective that it is annoying.  Still, there is a nice story here and if the author had written this as a novella, the relationship and storyline would have been much more rich.

COVEN OF MERCY by Deborah Cooke:  Dr. Rosemary Taylor, an oncologist who views her research as a relentless battle to help her patients defeat the disease and refuses to ever quit, learns about mercy from an “angel” vampire. This story really bummed me out because it’s all about cancer and you just know that the angel who is “saving” Dr. Taylor’s patients will wind up saving her. It’s actually an interesting premise, but I didn’t really connect with the heroine. And the whole cancer theme was just so overbearing that it was depressing. (And there’s another cancer-themed story in this anthology, too.)

OK — Keep an eye out for Dot’s “book pick” and a Q&A with  Keri Arthur!!!


1. Need a good vampire/magic anthology? Check out this list! « Paranormal Romance - November 29, 2009

[…] 1) The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance,  edited by Trisha Tellep  (2008).  Contains more than 25 short stories — some good, some bad, all short.  Lots of vampire tales. Authors include Keri Arthur,  Alexis Morgan, Susan Sizemore, Shiloh Walker, Rebecca York, Amanda Ashley and Karen Chance. 2 out of 5 stars. (Diana has previously blogged about the second edition of this anthology. Read her post HERE.) […]

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