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“Queen of Song and Souls” — contest offers goodies galore before Oct. 27 release October 20, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in News.
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Hey, here’s a pretty nifty contest from C.L. Wilson who is counting down the days until the release of QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS, book No. 4 of the Tairen Soul quintet. Each week, she’s been choosing winners to receive an autographed copy of QUEEN. But the book is due out on Oct. 27 so she’s increased the loot you can win!!!


She’s added  new artwork from  wildlife artist, Heather Carr, and a carved stone pocket tairen!!! (These tairens are cool!) The photos and descriptions are from her Web site. To enter,   CLICK HERE to get to her blog!

Steli Chakai - original oil

“Steli Chakai” ~ Original Tairen Art Wall Plaque

Heather Carr brings the fierce defender of the Fey’Bahren pride to radiant life in her original oil painting, “Steli Chakai.” This gorgeous work of art depicts the tairen Steli, fierce chakai of the Fey’Bahren pride, standing in the entrance cavern of the tairen’s lair, Fey’Bahren. Subtle pinks, blues, and lavenders grace the underside’s of Steli’s snowy wings.

A digitized rendition of the painting has been reduced and cropped to 4″x6″ and mounted on a black-stained solid wood plaque suitable for wall display. The complete, uncropped painting is available in giclee or original oil-on-canvas from Heather’s Web site, www.darkparadise.org.

Carved Stone Pocket Tairen

Imported from China, carved from Aventurine, Jasper, Sodalite, and Goldstone, pocket tairen guard the pride. (Note: the Sodalite appears black in this photograph but is actually varying shades of blue and white.) The larger editions of the pocket tairen (Sodalite, Green Aventurine, and Jasper) stand approximately 2″ x 1″ x 1.5″. The Goldstone tairen is slightly smaller.

I comb the crystal shops looking for stone tairen. These four I picked up this year from DragonCon. I’ll be giving away three this week and the fourth will be part of a “Grand Prize” basket of goodies to celebrate Release Day!


1. Diana McCabe - October 20, 2009

I can’t wait for this one to come out!!!!!

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