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Sookie book: Which short story do you like best in ‘Touch of Dead’? October 11, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Releases.
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Have you read it yet? Charlaine Harris recently released a series of previously published short stories about Sookie touchStackhouse in A TOUCH OF DEAD. Which short story did you like the best and why? (Leave a comment below. Also — check out my new poll on Diana Gabaldon/Outlander movie HERE!)

(Here are the stories)






(It’s nice that Charlaine was able to get these all published in one volume. Previously, the were appeared in different anthologies.)

For a short synopsis of each story — OK and kind of a review — CLICK HERE to read an article about the book from the Tulsa World, which also includes the previously published list.


1. Diana McCabe - October 11, 2009

well — I’m reading it now so will know in a bit!

2. D Salvagin - October 15, 2009

I have this sitting in the TBR pile. I think I’ve read them all previously in other anthologies but couldn’t resist having this on my bookshelf. I am in love with all things Sookie….or maybe all things Eric. I will read them again after I finish Marta Acosta’s ‘Happy Hour at Casa Dracula’ (really enjoying this one, so far).

3. Diana McCabe - October 15, 2009

I have read the first one and am starting the second. If I can just find a short block of time to read! They are quick reads so hope to have something posted soon. (Long work week!)

I also just got my “Deep Kiss of Winter” in the mail. And waiting for my interview stuff with Gena Showalter — who is on book tour this week. I need a few days to just read and blog!

4. Diana McCabe - October 18, 2009

OK — I got through this book really quickly once I was able to sit and read it. The stories are OK — not as intricate or textured as we are used to with Charlaine’s full-length novels.

My fave? Gift Wrap. I liked the whole idea behind it and it had a little bit of everything in there for me. (Not gonna spoil it for folks who haven’t read it!)


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