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Download Kresley Cole’s ‘The Warlord Wants Forever’ for free October 4, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in News, Releases.
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In case you missed this earlier ….. To celebrate the Oct. 13th release of DEEP KISS OF WINTER, , a duology with Gena kresleycoleShowalter, Kresley Cole is giving away The Warlord Wants Forever. This is  the Immortals After Dark series premiere and it’s free!! Myst the Coveted & Nikolai Wroth’s sexy novella is featured in an ebook series sampler that includes the excerpts from each of the Immortals After Dark installments. Also included? A sneak peek at the cover for PLEASURE OF A DARK PRINCE (Feb ’10) — scroll to the end of the download to see it.  CLICK HERE to download the whole sweet deal. Yup — I downloaded and read it because I like the Immortals series. Yes, there are fun, naughty, sexy parts in it and it’s all the better because Myst is sooooo sarcastic.  If you like Kresely Cole’s IAD series, you will love the novella. I do not have one of those nifty Kindles and was traveling this weekend so I PRINTED OUT (ohmygoshthat’ssooldfashioned!) the novella. Hey — it was worth it to me!


1. Diana McCabe - October 4, 2009

Figures that when I printed it out I missed the last 3 pages. No biggie. I finished pronto. Let me know if you’ve read it or have other cool free downloads to share.

2. kia - June 17, 2011

i love this frikin book i was lookin for it for years

3. Marcelle Cole - August 2, 2011

I agree w/ Kia!

4. saleha - October 20, 2011

if i ever manage to download the blasted thing then i’ll comment

5. Rebecca - January 3, 2012

I love kresley cole and the rest if this series us amazing x

Diana McCabe - January 3, 2012

And the next book in the series — LOTHARIE– is due out in about a week!!!!

6. Vyolla - January 23, 2012

I thought the first book was free.. I can’t find any link to download it for free…Please if anyone would be so kind as to post a link from where I may be able to download the book would be a great help..thankx

Diana McCabe - January 23, 2012

Hi — Back in 2009, it was free, but I was just checking those links to the PDF — and even googled a few — and it looks like they are blank. I’m guessing she’s packaged the novella with some other IAD books. I’ve sent her an email and will ask her on Twitter about it. You might have to go buy it. I was lucky to read it via the PDF back then. Thanks for pointing this out. I will try and update that post when I get new info.


7. kim - June 20, 2012

yeah. i think that you have to go to Amazon and buy the e-book copy of it now. I too was looking forward to reading it for free. :/

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