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Book pick: J.R. Ward’s ‘Covet’ serves up hunky muscle, demons, angels, romance October 4, 2009

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Wondering what J.R. Ward was going to do in her next series? Dot in New York says the debut novel in this new series “has it all.” (And some of us did wonder what J.R. Ward would do next after her Black Dagger Brotherhood series took some odd turns.) Thanks again Dot for another great book pick! Here’s what Dot — our expert on vamp books — has to say about COVET:


All those who don’t know who J.R. Ward is please raise your hands.  That’s what I thought, no hands are up.  In her debut for her new Fallen Angels Series, COVET, she serves up some more hunky muscle, lots of action, demons and angels and a hooker with a heart of gold.  In other words, this book has it all.  It is impossible to give a plot synopsis without spoilers, but here goes my best effort.

Jim Heron, hunky muscle with a past, is a fallen angel whose task it is to save the souls of seven earthlings and thus save the world.  Since only one human is served up to be saved in this book, it looks like we will get at least six more books in the series, each concerned with one of the seven deadly sins.  The human chosen to be saved from demon influence is wealthy tycoon, Vin de Pietro and his is the sin of greed.  He had inadvertently sold his soul to a demon in his youth and now with Jim’s help is fighting to reclaim it.  Where is the romance?  That is where Marie-Therese, hooker at the Iron Mask, comes in.  It is love at first sight for Vin, but he has to get rid of his demon first.  The demon provides lots of action.  Jim’s buddies help him also to fight the demon.  There is a sub-plot involving Marie-Therese that adds to the suspense.  This is a page turner thanks to the wonderful writing style of this accomplished author.  It is different than the Black Dagger Brotherhood, but I will be waiting in line for the next Fallen Angel book.  Oh BTW, in the back of the book is a sneak peek at her next BDB book LOVER MINE, John Matthews story, due out in April 2010.


1. Diana McCabe - October 4, 2009

With Covet, it seems that J.R. Ward is moving into a little bit different paranormal. I’m glad. I was getting a little weary of her BBD … although I do like some of those stories and will continue to read them.

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