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Q&A: Jessica Barksdale Inclan on her ‘Being’ trilogy September 28, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors.
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Jessica Barksdale Inclan writes about finding your other half — the perfect soulmate — in her science-fiction/paranormal romance trilogy that includes INTIMATE BEINGS, BEING WITH HIM and the last in the series THE BEAUTIFUL BEING, which comes out Sept. 29. Once again — two people must find each other. the_beautiful_being.preview

The Divining Wand, a Web site devoted to authors and books, has a nice interview with Jessica. Here’s a snippet. CLICK HERE to read the rest. Also — the author is offering three sets of the trilogy as a giveaway on The Divining Wand. To enter, leave a comment on their Web site between now and Wednesday at 7 p.m. EDT. The Divining Wand will announce the winners in Thursday’s post. CLICK HERE to get to the Jessica post and scroll to the bottom of the post to enter.

Now — onto the interview!

Q: How would you describe your paranormal romance in 10 words?
A: The world will end if they don’t find each other.

Q: What is your backstory maxim for the trilogy?
A: You may think you are alone, but your soulmate is there. Just wait.

Q: How would you describe perfect happiness for your characters?
A: Finding peace by finding each other. And peace is happiness, pure and simple.

Q: What are their (the characters) greatest fear?
A: Never finding one another–living life alone and in a perpetual state of longing and quest.

Q: What are your most overused words or phrases?
A: One novel, I had a character “biting her lip” and “chewing her cheek” over and over again. Frankly, it is a miracle she had a face left after the story was over.


1. Diana McCabe - September 29, 2009

I’ve not read this series so maybe I can win a set. I wonder why we are so obsessed with finding that other half …. that twin … in paranormal romance. In real life — people come and go. In paranormal love — you usually have a pair that works through its issues. Tragic pairings? Pairings you’d wish were undone? Pairings that make u scratch your head?

Sookie & Bill
Sookie & Eric
Anita & Richard
Anita & Jean Claude (I’ll stop there bc it got weird for me)


D Salvagin - October 2, 2009

I won the trilogy!!!! Yay! Sorry for bragging but I love to win!!!

I think in real life as well as in PR books people are looking for that soul mate. That one person that completes them. Whether that person exists or not, that is the fantasy.

As for Anita Blake, it is obvious that Jean claude is not enough. LOL

Diana McCabe - October 2, 2009

Cool. You’ll have to let me know how you like that trilogy. It seems like a nice blend of paranormal and science fiction.


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