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Alyson Noel to release 3rd book in Immortal Series early August 26, 2009

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Alyson Noel, author of the NYT best-selling Immortal Series (EVERMORE and BLUE MOON) , is releasing the third book2shadowland-NewwClosedEye-722460 in the series a few months early! (It was scheduled to be released in January 2010.) On her blog she writes:

SHADOWLAND will now be released on 11.24.09. That is official. It will also be released in hardcover with a trade paperback version to follow about a year later. And for those of you who prefer your books to match, I’m told that at some point
EVERMORE and BLUE MOON will also be made available in hardcover too. I’m really excited about this, and want to thank all of you for your excitement, too!

She also notes that she’s “racing toward the end of UNTITLED #4 (yup, still calling it that!), desperately trying to finish it up by its deadline.”

Check out her new Immortals Web site HERE.

Read my previous interviews with Alyson:

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  • See what she says about social media networking HERE.

Visit Alyson online at:

Her Web site


1. t dugan - September 16, 2009

i am 11 and love her books they are great.

2. via - October 15, 2009

I love evermore, and blue moon…. its such a good series…
i was stupid and i read the first few chapters of shadowland that was in bluemoon, thinking shadowland was already in stores… but it wasnt 😦 and no im frustrated l0l….. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND READING!

3. andrea - October 20, 2009

this book is awsome i love it and cant wait for the next one!!

4. Emmy Ayers - December 7, 2009

i absolutly Love the Immortal Series all three of them. Damen is my pertfect dream guy.

5. Emmy Ayers - December 7, 2009

Damen is like the best man for any girl who loves being with the love of their life forever. Espeacially if they love Twilight.

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