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Book pick: “Dreamfever” a hot, mysterious, cliffhanger!!!! August 24, 2009

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Karen Marie Moning knows how to craft a series — one that makes you want to read each book as soon as it comes out and karen3then you are left literally panting for the next one. And that’s fine by me. All of you wimpy/complaining fans who want everything wrapped up in one big fat book deserve to be eaten by the Unseelie.

Karen has always said she envisioned the whole story, knows how it plays out and how it ends. I trust her. After all, she’s written one heck of a Highlander series.

dreamfever_overBut Fever is definitely different and in DREAMFEVER we see a different Mac. Not the iPod/color my world pink chick who has slowly changed as she’s discovered her Sidhe-Seer powers. She’s in the lowest of low places. She is PRI-YA, a human addicted to Fae sex. It’s interesting how she is “cured” of this addiction, which is usually lethal. And who helps her. (Yeah — take a big guess. You’d be correct.)

Those scenes and the ones that follow later — the remembering — make for a nice mix of sarcasm and sass between our 2 fave characters in this book — and it’s pretty funny.

Not so funny — while Mac is finding herself, she’s really not a heck of a lot closer to figuring out how to get her hands on the Sinsar Dubh — or even if she should. And — while we have some light shed on V’lane — death by sex fae who has a thing for Mac — and why he hates Barrons, we still are pretty clueless about who or what Barrons really is.

Karen writes lickety split fast with details and ideas spinning all around — so there’s never a dull moment in the book. You just can’t quite seem to figure out how she’s gonna knit the world back together …. because fans do want some sort of happy ending. But maybe Karen has something different in mind. Maybe there won’t be a boy meets girl/loses girl/gets girl in this supernatural thriller. Maybe it’s more like girl meets boy/boy confuses girl/girl is lost/girl finds self? Boy lucky if girl looks at him again?

Dunno. That’s why I’m not a paranormal romance writer. So I’ll wait another year for her finale: ShadowFever.

If you haven’t read Karen’s Fever series, here’s the order. Click on the title and you’ll get a synopsis:





SHADOWFEVER — tk tk tk

OK, Next up on the blog: You want vampires? Magical sisters. Total Alpha males? Wait until you read my interview with the awesome Christine Feehan. Coming next week.


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