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Why was ‘True Blood’ episode only 45 minutes long? August 23, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Entertainment.
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Actually,  it was only 44 minutes vs the usual 52 or 53- minute show. Doesn’t matter. Everyone watching noticed that the show was shorter. And True Blood boards were buzzing with angry fans. It’s not like HBO gave us a more detailed or longer preview.

Image from truebloodnet.com

Image from truebloodnet.com

Still, if we’d checked the HBO schedule, we would’ve seen the show was listed at 44 minutes. Next week’s show, “Frenzy,” looks like it’s back to the regular 53 minutes, according to the show schedule.

Hummm? Does this mean we get an extra long finale? The schedule shows the season 2 finale on Sept. 13 — “Beyond Here Lies Nothin” — will run 57 minutes. We’ll have to see if HBO says anything on Monday about the 44 minute episode.

Sunday’s  episode — “New World in My View” — was packed with details:

  • Evil Maryann is after Sam’s soul and the souls of everyone in town.
  • Sookie’s fairy powers are beginning to show.
  • Tara is out of her Maryann trance but her friends and family need to keep her away from Eggs and Maryanne.
  • Maxine is bonkers out of her mind.
  • We almost get to see Queen Sophie-Ann (After Bill rushes off to see if she can help defeat Maryann).
  • And wasn’t Jason a kick tonight?


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