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Read Rhyannon Byrd’s prequel to ‘Primal Instinct’ series online for free August 20, 2009

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I love freebies. And here’s one to read online. eocraving2

The U.K.’s Mills & Boon, a subsidiary of Harlequin Enterprises Ltd., has just launched a new series of paranormal romance books. The first book it is featuring is  Rhyannon Byrd’s EDGE OF HUNGER, which you’ve been able to buy at Amazon.com for months. The basic story: A psychic named Molly  seems to share nightmares with Ian – a man living with “a deep impenetrable darkness,” according to the news release.

But no — that’s not the freebie. It’s the prequel — EDGE OF CRAVING — that you can read for free at Totalscifionline.com. (Amazon sells EDGE OF CRAVING for $2.39 as a Kindle download.)

Here’s the summary: Since the moment he’d first laid eyes on Alia Buchanan, the warrior known only as Rhys had been obsessed with her. She consumed his waking moments. Tormented his dreams. But, as one of the few remaining descendants of a European dragon clan, Rhys knew there could never be a future for a monster like him…with an angel like Alia. Until her father is murdered and Alia’s life is in mortal danger. Now, Alia and Rhys must unite to find some ancient crosses that hold an unknown power before their enemies do. And once those are in hand, Rhys must figure out what to do with them … and his forbidden attraction to the women he’d sworn to protect.

I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but it looks like it’s 107 pages. To read: CLICK HERE.  As always, let me know what you think! (OK — sorry for totally burying the lede here!)


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