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Short story picks: Charlaine Harris & oinkers and Patricia Briggs & witches August 19, 2009

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I want to sooooo post a book pick on Karen Moning’s DREAMFEVER, but am waiting for the little sis to finish it up so we can talk about it first. Until then — and it should only be another day — I’m leaving you with two interesting short stories I’ve strangebrewpicked out from STRANGE BREW — a great collection of short stories by Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher, Patricia Briggs and other authors.


Does Charlaine Harris have a thing for pigs or have I been watching too much of the HBO TRUE BLOOD series? I think not.

In BACON, Dahlia Lynley-Chivers is a vampire who is now a widow because her werewolf husband was defeated in a challenge fight for pack position. But, it was not a fair fight. Her hubby was messed with and the vamp is out for revenge. She hires a witch to help her find out what was done to her husband to make him vulnerable and weak during the fight. This witch has an interesting family history. An ancestor had turned visitors to her island home into pigs because — well — she just felt like it. And, the ancestor left a record — a grimoire — of her life and deeds. It’s a nifty little tale and you know something weird is gonna happen.  Suffice to say that justice is served.

But the pig thing made me wonder. Does Charlaine have a thing for pigs?  Yup — in the early books, the maenad ran around the woods with a razorback pig. Of course, it’s probably a stretch to say that the name “Sookie” sounds like a pig call. I believe that’s “Sooey!” However “Sook cow,” and “Sookie” are Scottish cow calls.  Hummmm. Well — in any event. I had porkers on the brain between the Sookie books, the pig in the TRUE BLOOD series and when I saw the title of her short story.

One note from Charlaine on her message board about this short story — which has nothing to do with pigs:

Bacon” is a Dahlia Linley-Chivers story. There was a previous Dahlia story in the anthology “My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding,” and there’ll be another Dahlia story in the MWA anthology “Blood Lust.” They have no bearing on the Sookie stories, though Dahlia does appear in ALL TOGETHER DEAD. The story in “Must Love Hellhounds” also does not have any bearing on the sequence of the Sookie stories.


The doorbell rang.

That was the problem with her business. Too many people thought they could approach her at any time. Even oh-dark thirty, even though her hours were posted clearly on her door and on her Web site.”

This is why I love Patricia Briggs. She writes smartly, tightly and her worlds are kind of spooky yet a little familiar. In SEEING EYE, a blind witch, Wendy Moira Keller, helps werewolf Tom Franklin search for his missing brother. But why is she helping, how did she become blind and what is it about the pair that seems to click from the get go?  It’s not love at first sight — OK — I so had to say that (San — I know you will hate that) but there is something there. So far it’s my fave.

Are you reading STRANGE BREW? What are your faves in the collection? More to come on this book.


1. Stephanie - August 20, 2009

I’m currently reading it myself, though I’m not too far in. Patricia Briggs story was almost too short, but worked pretty well. I love the Dresden Files series and the short stories for the series are probably my favorite. I can’t wait to read the Charlaine Harris story- I’ve been a fan of hers for nearly a decade- thanks for the review!

Diana McCabe - August 20, 2009

Yes — I wanted more on Patricia Briggs but I still liked it a lot! If you have a favorite and would like to send me a short review, I’d love to post it. Just email me at dianachiyo@gmail.com …. looking for folks to send me their faves!



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