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Charlaine Harris on Sookie book she’s writing now August 14, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors, News.
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What does this mean? What does Charlaine’s next book hold for us? This is from her blog. (See link below to read the full Charlaine_Harrisentry.)

This has been a week of working, working, working as I try to bring DEAD IN THE FAMILY to a close. Lots of unexpected things happened, and I realized I have to cut a couple of characters I had big plans for, but I’ll save them for another book. It took me a while to realize what the theme of the book was, and when I realized it was about family – Eric’s, Sam’s, Sookie’s, Bill’s – suddenly everything became much easier.

Read her blog HERE.

Read my latest interview with her HERE!

What’s next for Charlaine this year? Three releases.


1. maria rose - January 21, 2010

loved your appearance in the final show of True Blood, got all your books in the Sookie Stackhouse and read them quickly all 9 books can’t wait for the next book

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