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Blake Snyder 1957-2009 August 4, 2009

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I met Blake Snyder once. It was in April. I had to say a few words about my new blog at a local writers’ meeting. I was nervous.

Blake Snyder

Blake Snyder

When I looked into the crowd, he stood out … because he had this huge smile on his face and nodded at me in encouragement as I spoke. We talked briefly after. He thought it was great that I was blogging. Said to not be shy and send him an email. I remember him because he was kind to me during an uncertain time in my writing career. He was a screenwriter and the best-selling author of “Save The Cat!”

Blake passed away this morning. Here’s a note that was posted on his Web site:

Blake Snyder passed away suddenly this morning, August 4, 2009, from cardiac arrest.

There was no one like him. You all know that. No one more enthusiastic, more giving, more truly interested in you.

He will live on in his films and his books, in the advice that will never grow old, with the spirit that will continue to thrive and inspire.

His story resonates with all who loved him, and your stories will resonate thanks to his love for you.

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