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C.L. Wilson splits ‘Queen of Song and Souls’ into 2 books August 2, 2009

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For those wondering what was going on with C.L. Wilson’s QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS … QUEEN won’t be the final queenbook! See her note below:

Thank you for your patience and understanding of the delay in releasing QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS. As many of you know, the manuscript grew to over a thousand pages and my editor and I decided to cut the manuscript into two books. The final book featuring Ellie and Rain as main characters will be titled TAIREN SOUL, and will be released in early 2010.

Sincerely, Cheryl

So QUEEN  will be book 4 in what is now the Tairen Soul quintet. The fifth and final book of Rain and Ellysetta’s journey is TAIREN SOUL.

Go to her Web site to download Chapter 1 of QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS HERE!!!

Also — check out her blog HERE!!


1. Kathleen Gough - November 9, 2009

Just finished reading Queen of Song and Souls, I was very disappointed. I would suggest waiting for the fifth book. In terms of plot there is nothing new in Queen of Song and Souls. None of the main story lines are completed. The relationship between Ellysettta and Rain does not develop deeper, nothing positive occurs in this book. I am beginning to wonder if the author knows how to wrap up the story?

2. Diana McCabe - November 9, 2009

Oh no!!! I’m about to start it!!! I guess it’s hard to wrap up a big story. I know based on what she blogged and told folks, she was having a hard time wrapping up everything — hence this book. OK — will move ahead with it though. (C.L. Wilson was open to a Q&A but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet bc I wanted to read the book first. Have 2 other author Q&As coming in tho!)

Thanks for the note!


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