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Textnovel: These authors really are writing on the Web! July 30, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors, News.
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If you’re looking for some new names in paranormal romance, check out Textnovel.com, a social network site for writers and readers of all kinds of serial fiction. It lets members write and read fiction with their cellphones, computers, text messages, emailbigtext and whatever other online tools you can think of. The cool thing about this site is you can read an author’s work in progress and submit feedback. The site often partners with publishers for contests — current contest is for a publishing contract with Dorchester and you must submit at least 20 chapters (6,000 words) by Nov. 1. (CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE RULES) — and it’s also a place to get noticed. In May, an editor at St. Martin’s Press read the winning entry of one Textnovel writing contest and bid to publish the novel (CLICK HERE TO READ RELEASE). Textnovel.com  founder  Stan Soper also uses the site to  offer literary agency services to aspiring writers.

I just logged in so I could read and went straight to the romance-paranormal category. DEATH’S ANGEL by Christiana Cameron was the most popular and you can click on the entry and start reading for yourself. If you don’t sign up — it’s free — you just get the synopsis and can’t read the entire manuscript. here’s also an urban fantasy category, too. So if you’re a reader and looking for something new — just be patient because these are new writers and works in progress — or if you’re an aspiring writer, check it out. Let me know what you think! Here’s a sampling from paranormal:

221 Cover Image DEATH\’S ANGEL By: Christiana Cameron Vote for this story Subscribe to this story Story Rating In Progress
Death is a lonely business. Devlin O’Neal knows. He’s been the caregiver to millions on their journeys to the afterlife. But when he witnesses terminal care nurse Vivienne Dupre’s genuine compassion toward her patients, his lonlienss turns to longing. Taking human form, Devlin decides he must make her his, even if it’s only for a little while.  More…

Comments(19)  |   Fans(69)  |   Votes(110)

149 Cover Image The Full Moon People By: Deborah Nicholson Vote for this story Subscribe to this story Story Rating In Progress
What do you do when you can’t sleep? How do you get through the next day, only to find you can’t sleep again the next night. And what do you do when you start to notice the same people are up when you are? And who do you talk to when you start to change? When you find yourself on the streets chasing muggers with a baseball bat in hand? Or having sex with strangers in public parks? Those are the questions that face Beth as she sits up in her bedroom, night after night, and starts to notice the same people are up when she does, and then goes out to meet them. She must find out what is happening to her before it’s too late, and the only way she succeed is to try and make contact with the other full moon people and make them realize that only they can find the man with the yellow eyes; the man who might have the answers so that they can save themselves. A little scary, a little sexy and a lot of fun!  More…

Comments(3)  |   Fans(37)  |   Votes(102)

126 Cover Image UG Sweets By: Veronica Blue Vote for this story Subscribe to this story Story Rating Editor's Choice In Progress
When magic is in the air … it just means the lawyers get nastier. Witchy sweet-treaters Carolyn and Lori are being sued by an unhappy customer over a love potion gone wrong. Can they keep their business, keep their heads and not lose their hearts in the process?  More…

Comments(9)  |   Fans(50)  |   Votes(74)

119 Cover Image REAPER. By: Katherine Crouch Vote for this story Subscribe to this story Story Rating In Progress
Darius used to be a respected Guardian. He used to believe in a higher purpose, until the day he loses both his way and a soul trusted into his keeping.Darius is given a chance to redeem himself as a Reaper after he loses that soul.Can he recover the soul that changed him forever in time?  More…

Comments(2)  |   Fans(43)  |   Votes(65)

106 Cover Image Courting Demons By: Kerri Nelson Vote for this story Subscribe to this story Story Rating Editor's Choice In Progress
When a teenage obsession with witchcraft results in the tragic death of her best friend, Paisley Barton abandons her Wiccan ways forever. Fifteen years later, she’s living a normal life as a wife and mother until she desperately seeks a way to vent her rage towards her cheating husband by casting an impromptu vengeance spell that goes awry and sets off a sequence of unfortunate mystical events. Find out what happens next as Paisley’s life turns from being an every day working mother to a Judge for the demon world!  More…

Comments(10)  |   Fans(36)  |   Votes(57)


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