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Book pick: ‘Map of Moments’ gritty, urban time-travel tale July 26, 2009

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So while we are waiting for some of our fave books to be released — and for me to post my Charlaine Harris interview, which is coming this week — my little sister San in Philly found this gem — THE MAP OF MOMENTS by Christopher Golden and Tim Lebbon — and sent in a little review (thanks San!). Here’s her take on the book: map

I must admit, I am a sucker for stories about time travel. I’ve read a lot and I am always hopeful the story will be worthwhile.  In all honesty, most time-travel tales are not worth the effort.  I am, however, always hopeful because a good time-travel story is so intriguing to me.

This one intrigued me though. Months after leaving New Orleans, history professor Max Corbett is returning to a place he hardly recognizes.  The girl he loved and lost is dead, and the city has been devastated by Hurricane Katrina.  After attending Gabrielle’s funeral, a strange old man offers Max a map and an insane proposition.

It looks like an ordinary map, but the old man claims that it is marked with a trail of magical moments from New Orleans’ history that might just open a door to the past.

I had a hard time putting this book down.  Maybe I wanted a change from the usual paranormal romance?  This book does have a romance told through flashbacks, but to me is much more of a dark urban fantasy tale.  The authors get the flavor of New Orleans right with a mix of creepy characters, violence, and the paranormal underbelly all woven together.  The post-Katrina angle makes New Orleans seem almost post-apocalyptic at times.  Max isn’t handed much free info in his travels and everything is not as it seems.  The real truth is discovered and revealed little by little, but that just makes you want to keep reading.

I enjoyed this book, but there are a few caveats.  Want the traditional paranormal romance all tied up with a little bow?  Don’t read this one.  Want a gritty, dark urban fantasy tale … enjoy!



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