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True Blood: Charlaine Harris films her scene! (Read her posts!) June 21, 2009

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The author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels says she’s taped her cameo role for the HBO series, which is based on her

Charlaine Harris

Charlaine Harris

books.  She will appear in the season 2 finale at Merlotte’s. No vampires in the scene because it was filmed during the day. Here are some of  her posts (from the message board section on her Web site) about her experience!


2009-06-18 22:07

I am here in Beverly Hills. I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille! (That’s from “Sunset Boulevard,” for you younger readers.) Actually, I’m here to do some meetings and to do a cameo for “True Blood.” It’s much cooler here than it is at home, to my surprise.

Charlaine Harris

2009-06-19 10:31

Yes, season two. I think this’ll be a bar scene. Yes, there’s a picture of Alan and me behind the bar. There was also a picture of my daughter’s softball team on one wall for much of season one, though it’s down now. I figured Sam would support the local teams.

Charlaine Harris

2009-06-19 20:44

I’ll be in the final episode in a scene in Merlotte’s.

Charlaine Harris

2009-06-20 08:27

It was fun. It was also a learning experience. This scene takes place in daytime, so none of the vamps were there, and Anna didn’t have a line in the scene, either. But I got to visit with Rutina (Tara), Sam (Sam!), Terry (Todd Lowe), and Arlene (Carrie Preston). It was good to run into Chris Bauer (Andy) when I went outside to get some air, and while I was eating supper at the Farmer’s Market, I ran into the late great Denise Rattray (Karina Logue).

Charlaine Harris


Podcast: Make sure to check out the fan-based  Last Bite podcast for a discussion on the show by Sookie Stackhouse aficionados Maria, Pamela, and Tamara. They also have a lot of news and spoilers!  The podcast is usually ready for download by Monday night.


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[…] Charlaine Harris is busy working on her 1oth Sookie Stackhouse book, so any interview with her will have to wait until she gets done with the first take on that work. (More news on what she’s been up to: CLICK HERE.) […]

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