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Karen Marie Moning’s ‘Dreamfever’ longest book of series! May 17, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in News.
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Fans of Karen Marie Moning’s fae series are gonna love this.  The next book — DREAMFEVER — is done and is more than 450 pages long!!! (Hummmm — does that mean we can all get it read in one day??!!!) dreamfever

Here’s what she said in her latest fan email:

“I’m finally able to pull my head out of writing for a breather. DREAMFEVER is done, and is the longest book of the series so far. FAEFEVER came in around 350 manuscript pages. DREAMFEVER is over 450.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. My editor thinks it’s the best yet!  I loved every minute of writing it, and hope the passion I feel for Mac, Barrons, V’lane, Dani, Christian, Rowena and the sidhe-seers, Jack and Rainey Lane, and the memory of Alina leaps off the pages and into your hearts.  I think it might be the most emotional book I’ve written.”

The book comes out in August. Until then, check out her online store full of cool T-shirts, hats, etc. (I want one of those “Barrons’ Books & Baubles” hats in hot pink. I also like her “Stay to the Lights” items. Not sure I want V’Lane — the death by sex fae — but she’s got an image of him at her online store. (I personally would like Jericho Barrons delivered to my doorstep but since we don’t know exactly who or what he is ….. will have to wait. No images of him on this site.)

Also, check out her main site HERE for links to her podcasts (you can download and listen to the first books in the series HERE) and also on her Sidhe-Seers, Inc. site, you can play Mac vs the shades.


1. Tiffany - June 26, 2009

Will there be any new Highlander novels coming soon

2. Diana McCabe - June 26, 2009

I don’t know. I know she’s been working on the Fae series because there is another book due out after this August release. I haven’t seen anything in the past month on her site/newsletter but will try and find out. (Have you read all of them? Yes — I have!)


3. Diana McCabe - June 26, 2009

OK — Here’s what I found on her message board about another Highlander series:

I honestly don’t know if I can write a straightforward romance
in which the story revolves primarily around the romance again. There, I’ve said it. I know this will disappoint some of my fans but the romance alone wasn’t enough to keep my muse happy. I need more than that in the stories I tell. So, if the question is will I ever write a book like my Highlander series again where the primary thrust is: woman meets man, complications ensue, woman loses man, reclaims man and has a HEA, the answer is probably not without a whole lot of other stuff going on, too.

That being said, I may find myself at some point in the future, dying to re-visit the Highlands again and totally in the mood to lose myself in love for no other purpose than love’s sake.

I guess the answer is: no plans to write a straightforward Highlander romance right now but I never say never.

Remember, the Keltars figure prominently in the Fever series, and Christian will be getting his own play–just not the way I did it in my Highlander series. I need a little more nitty, gritty reality in his tale. He’s becomes quite the complex man.

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