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Susan Squires gets set for new vamp book; re-issuing historical romance April 27, 2009

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Susan Squires is getting set for her next vamp book. Here’s an update she sent out from her email to fans:  timeforeternity

I have been on deadline for my next book. You’ll see some updates to my website in the next few days, so stop back by. I am excited about the re-issue of DANEGELD, one of my favorite books and the very first I published. It’s something of a collector’s item nowadays. Dorchester has given it a spiffy new cover, and it’s out in May.

I’m gearing up for the release of TIME FOR ETERNITY in September, the first in a new time travel series for St. Martin’s Press. Time travel has always been one of my favorite genres. I found myself dabbling in it in the last of my vampire series, ONE WITH THE DARKNESS and decided…. you know? It’s just time for time travel to come round again. So I gave my favorite character from ONE WITH THE SHADOWS a chance to go back and try to correct the mistake that ruined her life. And now the wonderful machine built by Leonardo DaVinci, has taken on a life of its own, and will affect the lives of many characters to come. In TIME FOR ETERNITY I get to visit Revolutionary France, and in TWIST OF TIME, which I’m just completing this week, I get to bring a real, live Viking forward into modern day San Francisco. Fun or what?

Keep an eye out for my interview with Susan. I  will post Part 2 of Linda O. Johnston’s interview — writer’s tips – shortly. CLICK HERE to read Part 1 on why her shapeshifters practice safe sex!


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