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A sample blurb that caught attention of Silhouette Nocturne Bites April 18, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors.

Here’s one happy author from  Silhouette Nocturne Bites’ live online pitch with Associate Senior Editor Ann Leslie Tuttle. Robin (one of 7 who were selected to make their pitches on April 15)  says she received a request for a complete manuscript.branding_nocturnebites1

To recap: Each writer had to send in a 2-paragraph blurb on their manuscript by April 6. Entries for the online pitch were chosen April 10. ( Ann; Aileen H.; Michaela; Nicola; Amy; Robin; Melissa D.) And the online pitches were held April 15.

Robin  was kind enough to post her sample blurb so other authors could see what the editors were looking for etc: (A big congrats and thanks to her for sharing.)

Night of the Jaguar

In the mystical jungles of Belize , home of the ancient Maya, tracker Caleb Pierce embraces his destiny as an elite member of the centuries-old Order of the Jaguar. His mission: to exterminate all vampires–those soulless, amoral beasts who prey on humans. Gifted with the ability to absorb a vampire’s power and wield it as his own against his prey, Caleb has become the Order’s most successful soldier while waging his private war for revenge against the beings who murdered his brother. He refuses to acknowledge, that with each battle, he and the other Jaguars become darker, more vicious…more like those they hunt.

Aiyana believed the Order of the Jaguar to be extinct, until a powerful warrior erupts from the jungle at the site of the devastating massacre she failed to prevent. Since becoming a vampire, she has vowed to resist the lure of human blood, so as not to activate the soul-destroying virus that has infected her kind. Instead, she protects the innocent. Now, her sworn enemy has tracked her to her sanctuary where a forbidden attraction flares and tempts her beyond endurance. Will their passion lead them to destruction or will their defiant love fulfill an ancient Mayan prophecy and usher in the promised era of peace?

If I see any more blurbs, I’ll post. Again — congrats!!!


1. Robin Perini - April 18, 2009

Hi Diana–

Thanks for including me here. It’s an interesting thing submitting those blurbs. All 7 who submitted blurbs actually received requests. Tells you how important a blurb is. Anyway, some have already received rejections, so we’re just waiting to see what happens next. We don’t know how long it will take, but I’m starting the plotting process for my next Bite tomorrow while continuing to work on completing a manuscript based in this same world. Hopefully it will all come to an exciting conclusion. It’s a great opportunity and a lot of fun!

Because paranormals deal with facing our nightmares, but also, IMHO, with basic concepts of good vs. evil in a world where so many things seem to be gray, I believe that paranormal is here to stay. Which is a good thing.

Once again, thanks for including me here! Now, I’m back to teach my week in the writing class, Discovering Story Magic. Thanks again!

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