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IFC working on ‘Anita Blake’ vampire hunter movie April 2, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Entertainment.
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Before them all — there was Anita Blake, a vampire hunter who is a feisty-tough-but-ever-so-vulnerable  heroine.  You’ll be able to see your  fave necromancer and her kinky triumverates (uhhh — or threesomes …. her first is with Jean-Claude and Richard) on the IFC.

The first book in the Anita Blake series.

The first book in the Anita Blake series.

“Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter” based on Hamilton’s best-selling paranormal/vamp/shifter series will be produced by Lionsgate and After Dark Films. Executive producer is Glen Morgan of “X-Files” and “Final Destination” fame. Filming begins this summer.   CLICK HERE to read the news release. Interestingly enough, the network says its target audience for the movie is not women but men ages 18-34.

If you haven’t read the series — there are 16 books and author Laurell K. Hamilton is scheduled to release the 17th in June — get going. Many folks are fans of the first six or seven books in the series — where a spunky and courageous Anita Blake battles evil vampires, shifters, the fey, zombies etc — and keeps her sanity and honor intact. Of course, the knock on Hamilton’s series is that it turned raunchy and disintegrated into sex orgies. And gone was our heroine.

Here’s the book list in order (CLICK HERE to see book jackets):

  • The Laughing Corpse
  • Circus Of The Damned
  • Lunatic Cafe
  • Bloody Bones
  • The Killing Dance
  • Burnt Offerings
  • Blue Moon
  • Obsidian Butterfly
  • Narcissus In Chains
  • Cerulean Sins
  • Incubus Dreams
  • Micah
  • Danse Macabre
  • The Harlequin
  • Blood Noir


1. Julie from Socal - April 15, 2009

Add me to the camp of fans of the early LKH books. The first one I read was the sixth one, BLUE MOON. I then went back and got the first five. Loved the kick-ass heroine and the supernatural stuff. After a few more books, though, it became like a porn plot: I’ve got this ardeur that can only be quenched by sex with a supernatural creature. Anita spent more time on her back than fighting the forces of evil. Got boring. The ardent fangirls accused critics of “not liking sex,” but we just want those elements that make a novel work, namely plot and characterization. The author herself has announced that none of the main characters will die. Well, that sucked out all the danger.

2. Trace - September 27, 2009

Ah, this isn’t paranormal romance, it’s paranormal pornography or worse, considering that what was a good series degraded into what looked like poorly edited (if edited at all) gang rape of a character who could not consent because of a paranormal plot device foisted upon her by the author. This became mind-numbing. It destroyed the integrity of the books for me. I kept hoping Anita would break away from the ardeur that was ripping away her freedom (and the freedom of others) to choose. Instead, she ends up in endless sex/group sex scenes, unable to stop herself because of the magic. I don’t think I’m up for watching this character torn down again. Too bad I can’t return the books I already have and that’s based on the spelling, plot, and continuity errors in the books alone (and not the fact the later books have no plots — only sex, and no, I’m not joking).

Diana McCabe - September 27, 2009

Hi Trace — You said it! I loved the first books in the series before it turned into one sex scene after another. I was recently talking to another fan of the genre at a local bookstore. She said she was attempting to read some of the last few novels in the series because she heard Laurell K. Hamilton was starting to write more plot. But I haven’t picked up any of the recent releases. (Has anyone? Is it true? Or maybe someone has another opinion bc folks are buying her books!)


3. Casey - January 20, 2010

I am an avid fan of Laurell K. Hamilton and have been since I was 15 year old. I disagree with some of the comments above that the “heroin” has been lost or turned into just another orgie star. Anita blake, in my opinion, has become a greater character than I have ever imagined because she has been forced to make hard decisions in order to stay alive that have made her into one of the most powerful characters in the book. It was obviously the only option anyway considering that in order for the series to continue, the maine character “Anita Blake” had to be amplified in some way to stay alive. As the author even stated using the main character in a couple of the later books, her cross still glows for her when necessary which shows that god has not deserted her. If anyone could look past the sex scenes long enough to read any of her new books they would see that the monsters that she is having to confront almost kill her on several occasions because she isnt gaining power as quickly as they are. And for those who say that there is no plot, I would strongly disagree…the plots have even upped the anti starting with the death of Marmee Noir, and then moving on to when Anita recieves a severed head and is forced to rejoin the hunt for a serial murderer featured in one of those first 6-7 books that everyone seems to love so much. As for the spelling errors and such, for gods sake people shes human just like you and me. Before you start throwing stones at her glass house maybe you should make sure you are perfect first…

Diana McCabe - January 20, 2010

Thanks Casey. I loved the first half of the series and for me — all of the sex in the later books just got to me. But that said, there are a ton of LKH fans who love the entire series. I ran into a woman at local bookstore who kind of felt like me but then pointed out that LKH is trying to resolve some of these issues. And in a book signing event in my hometown here, LKH did say “We’re dating too many people in the books,” which cracked me up. I think once Anita is cured of the “ardeur” a lot of things will change. But it’s great to have an LKH fan on the blog! I can’t wait to read FLIRT, which is out in a few weeks. Are you going to read it?


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