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‘Twilight’ DVD countdown at Borders (what are you doing?) March 13, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Entertainment.

Edward and Bella followers can work themselves up into fan frenzy with their buddies as they wait for the “Twilight” DVD to go on sale March 21. Borders says it will “count down the minutes until Twilight goes on sale.” Call your local Borders for more info or check out what your neighborhood store is doing by going to the Borders Web site HERE. twilight1

Of course, the DVD has been available for order at a lot of places, including Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. (Barnes & Noble deal includes a “customizable Twilight Skin for your cell phone, PDA or MP3 player” while supplies last. (You receive an individual code that’s redeemable at Skinit.com. Note that it’s not available on all models.)

Doing anything special for the DVD release? Let us know!


1. Scooper - March 15, 2009

Nope. I think I’m over this movie and on to the next. I went to see it opening weekend and decided that the book surpassed the movie. (I mean how do you get that kind of emotion and internal dialogue transferred to the screen?)

Now, I’d like to see how the series continues on the big screen. How about you?

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