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Q&A: ‘Blood Magic’ author talks about her hero and Hugh Jackman March 8, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors.

jpeg-blood-magicJennifer Lyon is probably better known in literary circles as Jennifer Apodaca, author of the sexy and fun Samantha Shaw series that includes DATING CAN BE MURDER, NINJA SOCCER MOMS and THRILLED TO DEATH. I talked to her about her first paranormal romance BLOOD MAGIC. (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW FROM SCOOPER SPEAKS).

(Look for part 2 of the interview, which is geared at aspiring writers, toward the end of the week. Jen talks about how she got started , how she got her first manuscript noticed and how she writes those sizzling sex scenes!!!!)

Photo credit: Eric Cwiertny

Photo credit: Eric Cwiertny

Q. You are known for your mysteries, in particular the fun and sexy Samantha Shaw books. What prompted you to switch to paranormal romance?

A. That’s easy; BLOOD MAGIC is the book I always wanted to write. Before I wrote the Samantha Shaw Series, I wrote a historical paranormal romance manuscript about witches, and I was hooked. However I couldn’t sell it, and most likely never will sell it. Once the Samantha Shaw Series seemed to be finished, I began to think about a series with witches. Finally, I wrote up the idea and sent it to my agent. I knew she’d be honest and tell me if this was a good direction for me. I think she was skeptical … until she read it. That’s pretty much how it happened.

Q. Do you believe in witches? What was the trigger for you in building this world of earth witches/demon witches and the various hunters?

A. No, I actually don’t believe in witches. But there is a part of me that desperately wishes for magic to make the world a better place and I tapped into that in order to build the mythology of witches, witch hunters and demons. Over many years, I’ve done a significant amount of research, which was fascinating. For reasons that are sometimes just plain unfathomable, women are a perceived threat in societies, and women who dare to be different are often labeled witches. It’s baffling and frightening. In any case, I wanted to create a world where witches do exist and their power is real, and the threat to them is real as well. In the witch hunters I wanted to create a breed of men who respect and work with witches, not fear their power and kill what they don’t understand. The witch hunters only hunt and kill demon witches who have given up their souls for dark powers. At least that’s how it was until they were all cursed, then everything changes.

Q. You have a pic of hunky Hugh Jackman on your site as you interview “Blood Magic’s” hero Axel Locke. Is that how you see Axel? (Or if they made the book into a movie, would you want the Aussie to play our hero?)

Jamie Fawcett Archive

A. Yes! I saw a picture of Hugh Jackman (different from the one on the Web site) and I knew that was Axel. I rarely find a famous person who matches up to my characters like that, so it surprised me. I printed the picture off and kept it in my notebook. I’d love Hugh to play Axel in a movie!

Q. Tell us a little bit how you created Darcy. She doesn’t know she is a witch and gets beat up a lot. But she’s tough. (And do you have an actress in mind for her?)

A. I knew from day one that Darcy didn’t know she was a witch. I did this for a couple reasons, one—it’s just really cool to rip a character out of the world she knows and dump her into a world she never imagined. But also, it helped me introduce the world to the readers who learn as Darcy does. It was difficult to get the right balance of being tough yet compassionate. The hardest thing of all, she had to be the one who took the biggest emotional risk, then that led to her decisions that brought Axel to his knees and forced him to choose. I’m not sure who would play Darcy in a movie. I’m going to have to pay more attention to the female actors out there, LOL!

Q. In your previous novels, you used real places in California, like Lake Elsinore, but here you use Glassbreakers, CA. Why the switch to a place that’s not real? (Unless I’m missing it and it’s the nickname of a town …. I live in Sunset Beach, CA, so just curious!)

A. No, I made up the town. I did it so I could create what I needed for the story. For the Samantha Shaw Series, the real town of Lake Elsinore worked great! Setting a dating service in a relatively small town had tremendous humorous potential. But for this series, I wanted the freedom to create whatever I need as I go along.

Q. There seem to be some father issues in this story line. They are all really messed up parental units. What’s behind that?

A. In Darcy’s case, it’s plain fear. Her father sensed, or in some cases, saw that his daughter was different and was afraid of that. With Axel, it’s choices. His father chose the easy route, and wanted his son to validate that by doing the same thing. But that was just how this story worked out; I don’t have any particular message in it.

Q. Looks like the next novel — SOUL MAGIC (a December release) — will be Clara and Sutton’s story. It would seem that the pair have a role model in Darcy and Axel’s success so what might make their story different?

A. That’s the challenge! Basically, it comes down to the conflicts and obstacles these two characters must overcome. In SOUL MAGIC, Carla discovers that her dead twin sister’s soul is trapped in the knife of the rogue that murdered her. Carla must free Keri’s soul to go onto Summerland before Keri’s soul dies off forever. Carla believes Sutton can help her locate the knife. Sutton is living with the sure knowledge that Carla is the witch who will cause him to lose control of the curse and go rogue. (Rogue witch hunters lose their souls.) What makes SOUL MAGIC really stand out from BLOOD MAGIC is that while Carla and Sutton are bound by blood, passion and magic, they dare not give into their deadly attraction for reasons revealed in the book. These two have a very different story from Darcy and Axel. It’s a twist on the adage, is love really enough?

Q. Do you know how long the series might run and if there will ever be a novel on the Wing Slayer?

A. Great question! I don’t know but it’s a very intriguing idea!

For more on Jen and BLOOD MAGIC (Ballantine Books), check out her Web site HERE. Also,  to read her interview with Axel Locke — the hero of BLOOD MAGIC — CLICK HERE!!!

Also, check back here at the end of the week for Jen’s tips for writers!!!!

LIKE THIS FEATURE? I have more authors coming. Go to ASK AN AUTHOR at the top of the page for the list and let me know who you’d like me to interview next or what questions you have for them. Also — suggestions for the Web site? You can simply leave requests and suggestions as a comment. Thanks! — Diana


1. Scooper - March 9, 2009

Great interview. I look forward to her next book and your next interview.

2. Debra Holland - March 9, 2009


Looks like a great book. I’m can’t wait to read it!

Diana, love your site!

3. FastFoodMaven - March 9, 2009

Great interview, Diana. I see great things from this site.

4. Dru - March 9, 2009

Great interview.

5. Silver James - March 9, 2009

I loved this book!! I couldn’t put it down — to the point that I started reading early one morning and forgot to make coffee. Jen made me laugh and cry, a rare event for this cynical, old soul.

6. Jen Lyon - March 9, 2009

Hi everyone!

Scooper, thank you so much for the wonderful review of BLOOD MAGIC!

Debra, nice to see you here! I hope you like the book when you get a chance to read it.

FastFoodMaven, Diana does great interviews! She’s so easy to work with!

Dru, hi there! Glad you enjoyed the interview.

Silver, thanks you! I still can’t believe you forgot to make coffee, LOL! As for me, I’m waiting for FAERIE FIRE to come out, hurry up already!

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