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Economy got your down? Let a vampire take you away March 7, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in News.

According to USA Today, one-quarter of the list’s top 50 books are romance novels. USA Today also notes that  20% of the books new to the list are in that category. According to the article:vampluve

“It could be a sign of the times. Romance, especially paranormal romance, and science-fiction/fantasy novels are “outperforming all other categories” at Borders, says buyer Micha Hershman. “There is some escapism going on. There’s clearly an element of ‘How do I get out of the daily grind?’ “

In a story last month for “The Inquirer” reporter Jen A. Miller cites stats from Business of Consumer Book Publishing:

“Romance fiction generated $1.375 billion in U.S. sales in 2007 – a 5 percent increase over 2006 – which made it the biggest fiction publishing category for that year. In fact, romance consistently holds the largest market share for fiction; in 2006, for example, the next largest market (sci-fi/fantasy) generated $495 million. And Harlequin Enterprises, the Ontario-based queen of romance publishing, celebrates its 60th anniversary this year; in that time, it has shipped more than five billion books worldwide.”

While your paranormal hero/heroine might not find you a job, at least you escape to a world whose biggest worry isn’t the demise of credit and capital markets or foreclosures/real estate. (If you want to read about real estate though — here’s an excellent blog by a buddy who has no clue I’ve inserted him into the paranormal romance genre. There’s always a house in our stories tho, eh??)


1. Susan Hanniford Crowley - April 4, 2009

I have to agree that the public is looking to paranormal romance for escape from these hard times.

On my blog, Nights of Passion, I’m featuring an interview with Paranormal Romance Author Bianca D’Arc. If you haven’t read any of Bianca’s books, you’ll want to. They’re fun, exciting, and deliciously sexy. So drop by at http://nightsof passion.wordpress.com

We’d love to see you. Thanks.

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