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Love it? ‘Bone Crossed,’ 4th Mercy Thompson book now out! February 3, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Reviews/summaries.

Patricia Briggs just keeps this series rocking, and her latest Mercy Thompson book doesn’t disappoint. This time around, auto mechanic Mercy Thompson gets mixed up in vampire politics. Her vamp buddy Stefan is punished by bonecrossedlocal vampire queen Marsilia because Mercy killed a member of her clan. And then Amber, one of Mercy’s old college buddies, needs her to get rid of a ghost at her house. But the real surprise: There’s a really big, bad, powerful vampire at Amber’s house who has designs on Mercy. Our heroine gets roughed up and knocked around but she shows once again that she’s one tough shapeshifter. Sure, she’s got her sexy Alpha werewolf Adam and his pack (although not everyone is thrilled about having a coyote bonded to their Alpha) to protect her — and let’s not forget Stefan and Samuel.

Read an excerpt from the book HERE.

Patricia says on her Web site, Hurog, that the 5th book in the Mercy Thompson series will be called “Silver Borne” and is due out February 2010. She says publisher ACE has contracted with her for 7 Mercy novels, but the series could go longer.

WHAT DID YOU THINK? Love it or not? Tell us!! Write your review in comments.


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